This weekend brought style from all corners of the globe, with the Knowles sisters reppin in Japan, the Simmons keeping it chic in NYC, and celeb faves working the Teen Choice awards in Cali. Let’s take a look!


The Knowles promoted the Samantha Thavasa & Disney Collection at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in Japan with Beyonce in a strapless blue asymmetric dress with gold pumps, and Solange in a more creative roomy white tank, layered pink mini, and gold and black T-Strap heels. Both sisters bring it fashion wise, and their beauty notes are on point as well:


It seems Solange embraced the buzz over her new buzz, shaping up her new short do by adding some texture and color.  Her simple makeup topped off with a pop of eyelashes definitely works, and Beyonce’s nude lip and gently outlined eyes are a refreshing change. Hot looks for both!


The sisterly love continued in NYC as Vanessa and Angela Simmons celebrated Vanessa’s birthday at hot club Su Casa. The Daddy’s girls kept it grown and sexy, with Angela in a short white Herve Leger dress and glitter peep toes, and birthday girl Vanessa in a strapless Chambray American Apparel jumpsuit with layered necklaces and turquoise peep toes. The California weather is doing some good for these girls, who seem to bring the hotness at every shutter snap.

Kim Kardashian Teen Choice Awards

Style roundup regular Kim Kardashian debuted a new blonder ‘do on the green carpet of the Teen Choice awards, highlighting her flaxen locks with a plunging white Stella McCartney dress and Gucci Iman heels.  While Kim K can surely pull of most things, this new lighter color definitely makes me go hmm…I personally thought her darker color was unique and made her stand out from the crowd…

Keke Palmer Teen Choice Awards

Keke Palmer also represented at the Teen Choice awards in a gold sequined bolero, strapless black jumpsuit, and Camilla Skovgaard ankle boots. This young stylista is certainly making waves, but the bolero reminds me of something my mom would wear…hmmm…

Electrik Red

In Culver City the ladies of Electrik Red hosted a Meet & Greet sponsored by Giant Magazine and Baby Phat. The ladies went for casual in ripped t-shirts, cuffed boyfriend jeans, and fly sky high ankle boots. A sick shoe can set off any outfit, as shown by these eclectic ladies! Hot!


Lastly in Las Vegas, crooner Usher displayed some true Men’s Style rocking a plaid shirt, pinstriped vest, and gray fedora to celebrate his Vegas Magazine cover. The newly single dad definitely has a style of his own, and I’m loving that he can look fly in flattering jewelry that doesn’t remotely suggest a huge chain. Hot!

What do you think Bombshells?

15 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : The Knowles, Simmons, and the Teen Choice Awards!”

  1. Solange gets a huge HMMM and a ‘what in God’s name?’ from me. I simply cannot with her outfit and her stance in the photo doesn’t help at all. Those shoes are creative though. They seem to be a half ankle boot half t-strap thing going on. However, she still gets no love from me.

    I like Kim K’s hair, I didn’t recognize her and I like black better but she looks cute.

  2. I’m loving the difference in the Solange sisters. I’m not a fan of her hair but I think she’s rocking it out. Her mani needs a close up.

    I actually am loving the new color on Kim Kardash.. she looks better and I guess softer that way

  3. I think Solange’s make up is kickin, but I really wish she would have put on some more standout earrings. Those baby hoops make her look even more like a newborn infant.

    Kim K…eh, it looks good, but she looks just like everyone else now. *shrugs*

    LOVE the Simmons sisters, but Vanessa could have stepped it up a bit, especially since it’s supposed to be her bday party. Looks more like it’s Angela’s bday to me. Vanessa needs to step out of her comfort zone sometimes, imo.

  4. Keke’s outfit is way too grown for her. Kim’s dress is cute and fits her well; i’m not feeling the blonde hair on her though. Solange…hmm, yea, her shoes are cute. I think it’s the angle of the picture that’s unflattering. I love to Simmons sisters! Vanessa is my favorite. The jumper is cute, but for her b-day, I would have gone with something more flashy.

  5. Love Solnge’s hair… or lack of it. It was a brave thing to do as we tend to hide behind our hair. I think she looks beautiful.

  6. So this is what Solange has been hiding behind all that hair…a beautiful face. She looks like the spokes model for a major beauty ad. Simmons sisters are beautiful and I think Keke Palmer looks great. She is one of the few teens that looks like a teen and she is always very age appropriate(she is 16).

  7. OMG! Solange is so beautiful. I am so happy she is so free from that weave. I almost shed a tear at how fierce and fab she looks. She is a freaking rock star. Her hair is so cute and she is so incredible looking. 2 thumbs up for rocking the natural girl!And that makeup is so on point. Oh……she is IT!

  8. Um, I am not feeling Kim K’s hair color. It just looks a little Beyonce-ish, ya know? Like someone’s been there and done that. I always love her style though.

  9. Love Solo’s makeup…glad she left the “crazy, way too fashion forward green lipstick and weird” eyeshadow alone. That being said, if cutting her hair lead to this new makeup look, I’m all for it!

    Bey looks good!
    Angela and V, look cute as always.
    Kim K, a “hmm”, like her makeup but her hair is too much the color of her skin.
    Keke her outfit is too “mature”.
    Usher, he’s looks okay.
    Electrik Red, cute girls, but their nothing special. E.R. looks like every other girl in the mall.

  10. Keke Palmer’s outfit would look better if instead of pants she wore a black over the knee dress.

  11. Solange looks really cute. If she keeps this up, i’ll start liking the hair more. if she’s really going natural and not just following a trend then kudos to her.

    i’m not diggin’ the blond on kim k, I think she looks better when dark hair.

  12. omg like; i guess i’m speechless? come on ladies, our hair is our friggin crowning GLORYYY okayy; don’t go choppin it off? i think this is HORRIBLE! good look on tha post tho because i def. wouldn’t have even known she was bald if yuu guys didn’t post this….

    sending my love && opinions from:

  13. Solange looks absolutely beautiful! She is the stand out in this entire post for me, whether “she’s really going natural” or not, I am loving her entire look in this pic, the pink layered, exagerated construction of the maxi mini and the flowy top strike a perfect balance and the fit looks great on her. I don’t know if she so much “embraced the buzz over her new buzz,” cause like she said, she doesn’t need our cosign, but this style definitely looks great on her.

    @ Maliquea, chile please! a woman is also not defined by her hair, who says your hair can’t be your “crown and glory” if it isn’t hanging down your back? And if it’s a weave hanging down your back does the “crown and glory” comment apply? Girl go somewhere with that “i def. wouldn’t have even known she was bald if….” comment, ignorance is not bliss dear!

    “omg like; i guess i’m speechless?” “Come on” yourself Maliquea!

    I thought Kim K was Daisey Fuentes at first glance, LOL!!!!!, I like her natural hair color on her, she definitely stood out more with her darker locs.

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