Today we have a style submission from Stanley, an admirer of Atlanta Model Charrise Renee:

Charrise Renee

He says, “I think she has a very versatile style and should be nominated for Bombshell of the week.

Charrise Renee

Loving the hairstyle, and it seems Ms. Renee feels equally comfortable in everything from feminine and flirty strapless dresses to more casual sneaks and jeans.

We’ve gotta give props to a lady who can work both athletic shoes and heels.
What do you guys think?

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6 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Charrise Renee”

  1. I think she is pretty, love her oval shaped face. As far as style I can’t say, she is a model and by the looks of 2nd photo its clearly from modeling for a photo shoot so these clothes are most likely from off a rack that a stylist had put together. But the outfits that she is wearing are fly.

  2. Love the strapless number, the second outfit seems somewhat predictable to say the least. no real pop

  3. I’m not a fan of the first outfit, from the necklace to the belt, everything looks ‘Charlotte Russe’y. But I’m loving the hair and the outfit in the second picture!!

  4. I agree with juiicyscoop regarding her first outfit. She’s just not doing it for me really in either pic.

  5. oh wow, guess everybody is a model these days..cause both pics are pretty BLAH!!! moving on to the outfit…um..No, she aint got it. Like the hair

  6. WOW! I never even KNEW this was here! This has been floating on the internet for two years now lol

    I will say that these two photos are from my ‘stint’ as a model and are by far, not my best at all. I’ve come a long way from the looks of it! RE-DO! lol ;-D

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