Star sightings were few and far between, as most were at home spending quality time with their family and friends for the holidays. Still, however, a handful rolled out for the party and performance circuit, wearing all grades of stylish outfits. Take a look:

Amber Rose Primal Atlanta

Amber Rose made an appearance at Atlanta club Primal wearing a slick leather vest, her signature shades, pink lipstick, and a body suit over sheer tights. While we’ve lauded Amber for her fashion forays in the past, her look is starting to feel stale. The all black tight pants or no pants look with shield shades has a ‘been there seen that’ feel, and I’m kinda missing the Amber who used to rock out with green leather McQueen Jackets and zebra print platforms. Hmm, maybe her boyfriend/stylist should intervene…

RIhanna Good Morning America

Continuing the no pants trend was Rihanna, who performed on ABC’s Good Morning America in a Dean Quinn white blazer and platform black pumps. Rihanna continues to push the style envelope in her choice of designers and silhouettes, and this number was no exception. The blazer is tailored, flattering, and shows off her million dollar legs. Hot!

Alicia Keys Today Show NBC

Elsewhere in New York Alicia Keys performed at NBC’s Today Show in a multi-chain accented belted green leather zipper trench, liquid leggings, and exotic skinned boots. While the green trench is sick, and the accessories on on point, the outfit would have been better served with a cute pair of platform black pumps. The boots make the outfit in general seem too busy, and take shine away from Alicia’s cool green statement piece. Hmmm…

Leona Lewis MuchDemand Toronto

Lastly, Leona Lewis kept the Vivienne Westwood at home, and wore a puff sleeve black shirt with corset detail, dark jeans, and knee high boots for an appearance on MuchDemand Music in Toronto. Leona loves the corset silhouette, and found a way to dress down the saucy look with comfy jeans and boots that made her overall look hot!

What say you, Bombshells?


8 thoughts on “Hot! Or Hmm… : Amber Rose, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and more!”

  1. All of these women are beautiful and talented in their own way, but I have to say that I’m not feeling the leotards look. That’s definitely a “hmmm” for me. Leave that in the dance studio, please. Leona’s outfit looks fun and chic, and probably something I’d more likely rock.

  2. I don’t understand what everyone has against pants these days. I swear if I see chicks seriously start wearing leotards like they’re outfits, I will straight-up laugh. The only people who should wear leotards are dancers. End. of. story.

    I like Alicia’s jacket but the boots just threw me off.

  3. Bad proportions, awful colors, tight clothes (everywhere, for head to toe? is it really necessary?), lack of pants…

    I would like to see the ‘no pants’ trend go far (very far) away!

    Ladies we neeeddd pants, c’mon!?!

  4. how in the world did rihanna get a hot?!?!?! she’s not even dressed? pushing the envelope? she has on a blazer?! wtf…is this fashion!?! im pissed right now!

  5. I don’t understand the whole no pants fashion trend either. I think that Rihanna would be really cute if she put on a pair of skinny black pants with her blazer. I do think that Leona Lewis’s outfit is the cutest of them all.

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