Hey Bombshells!

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday and Black Friday!

This weekend I had a taste for American food, so went to a restaurant in Paris called Breakfast in America. The popular diner offers brunch favorites like pancakes, omelettes, breakfast burritos and more..and is absolutely delicious! There’s always a huge line to get into the small space, and while waiting, I spied this sophisticated fashionista and her equally stylish daughter:

Real Style Paris Breakfast in America

While the dynamic duo both wore cool sunglasses and warm fuzzy winter hats, mom’s style stood out for her cool mohair wrap and stole, and daughter was equally chic thanks to her bright red coat and silver Gucci Sneaks.

I chit chatted with both of them, and mom mysteriously revealed that she worked in fashion, but wouldn’t give me any more information.

At any rate, they have great taste in clothes and in food!

What do you think of their style?


*If you’re ever in Paris and need downhome food, visit Breakfast in America. They have two locations : 17 Rue des Ecoles in the 5th arrondissment, and 4 rue Malher in the 4th arrondissement. Yum!

Breakfast in America Paris