Alicia Keys was in a blue yet jubilant mood last night in London, rocking a blue and white belted dress, blue tights, and electric blue booties for her Elements of Freedom album release party.

I’ve gotta admit: I love the dress. And with the hoops and multilayered chains, Alicia exudes an around the way girl meets Caribbean Queen aura. My outfit love affair, however, ends with those boots.  Perhaps she could have matched her black belt with black pumps?
What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Alicia Keys’ London Album Release Party”

  1. Love how the site is coming along Claire!

    And I love the outfit EXCEPT for the tights and boots. She ruined it!

  2. Claire when I saw that outfit I thought the same thing about the shoes. She should have done black shoes.

  3. I was thinking the same thing how the outfit could of been much complete with black booties with little details!!

  4. Yep the boots ruined the look for me. I don’t even mind the blue tights. But a simple black pump would have set that dress off. Hopefully she’ll do better next time.

  5. Yeah I agree that some black booties would have made the outfit a whole lot better. The blue tights might have been a bad choice as well. Its just too matchy.

  6. The site is looking so much better. It’s easier to navigate. Love the new pic as well.

    A. Keys should gone with black shoes. I love the dress and sheer blue stockings.

  7. It’s a definite hmmm. I want AK to get a new stylist…I think she has more hmmm moments than any woman in her position should.

  8. I have to ditto most of these responses, she looks dope from the bottom hem of that dress up to the top! Those tights and boots have got to go! I love this dress, would love if it came in different, bright colors as well!

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