7 thoughts on “Fashion News : Jourdan Dunn Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!”

  1. Really are we congratulating her. Isn’t she 19 years old and unwed if she was a poor girl from the projects there would be no congratulations. But they say money changes things. (I remember reading an article in Teen Vogue about how her mother was so upset that she got pregnant because she got pregnant with Jourdan at a young age and didn’t want the same thing to happen to her oh well there went the wishing and hoping.)

  2. Aww congrats! No need to shun her now the child is here. She will need the encouragement of those around her to be the best mother she can be not scolding…i mean we live in a society where sex is everywhere. If anything we should shun society’s that push this in young people’s face…not react in shock because she is a product of our norms

  3. I’m all for the joy of babies. But we don’t have to be so PC about it. Why is it so wrong to say that’s its a damn shame that she is an unwed 19 year old. You all act as if Jasmine said that she should’ve got the dreaded “A” (abortion). I can’t really agree that all children are a blessing because if they were people wouldn’t get abortions or use birth control.

  4. What’s the use of that type of discussion as it pertains to Jourdan? The baby is born it can’t go back so why not be happy its here? She had a baby… a healthy baby which is a blessing since so many things can go wrong. In a world where women die during childbirth everyday Jourdan is alive after her delivery, what’s not to be happy about that?
    Yes money changes things she doesn’t have to wait on gov’t handouts at home or put her life, career ,or dreams on hold because of the baby.
    This isn’t something I’m encouraging for teens or was even happy about for her but seriously what’s done is done she is a teen mother but luckily she isn’t the typical teen mother I wish her the best.

    PS Google Daul Kim. That is the worst outcome in the modeling world I’m glad Jourdan has love, positivity and something to LIVE for in her life.

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