On Friday, social media was placed in a frenzy as users discovered that fashion mega brand Guess has released their very own Logo G-tote which resembled Telfar‘s incredibly popular shopping bag.

Black Fashion Fair founder and fashion critic Antoine Gregory was the first to take notice to the bag’s similarities, posting a side-by-side photo of the two brands’ bags. He expressed in a tweet, “I think the most annoying and yet interesting part of this is the fact that a company like GUESS has the capital and resources to produce this bag in great quantities when the original designer could not. And it really just speaks to the lack of access granted to Black designers. The lack of capital. The lack of resources the industry provides them.

Just like Telfar’s medium white shopping bag, the Guess Embossed Logo G-Tote features the Guess “G” logo in the middle of the bag complete with two varying length handles in a medium-size rectangular silhouette. Guess also offers the bag in different sizes and colors.

Many users sided with Telfar with some even urging the brand to issue a cease and desist. This moment also caused users to discover that this is Guess’s first time mimicking other designer bags. Some users found Guess bags in similar designs and silhouettes to brands like Dior, Gucci and Prada.

Since the social media uproar on Friday, it was announced on Saturday evening that Guess has stopped the sale of its Embossed Logo-G totes on the Guess site and stores. However, the bags are still available at their stockists. Telfar has not spoken on the matter since it was brought to the public’s attention on social media, the brand continues to focus on product rollouts and its next Bag Security Program which is scheduled for March 30th.

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Photos: Twitter / Guess