It is no secret that the Black-owned Telfar brand has been receiving lots of attention this Spring/Summer season with their famous shopping bags selling out within seconds on their site. The quick sell-out of the bags has been attributed to “bots” which are software programs used to buy limited pieces on the Internet. Moreover, Telfar’s shopping bags have even made their way to the resale market, popping up on sites such as StockX and reselling for $300 or more. With the immense popularity of the bags and threat of bots and the resale market, this has caused much frustration amongst those who desire to get their hands on the popular handbag. Telfar also shares the frustration with their fans which prompted them to launch their Telfar Bag Security Program.

The Telfar Bag Security Program is simply an “unlimited pre-order” of all of their handbags in every size and color. Ultimately, this guarantees the buyer will receive a bag without the hassle of purchasing one through their weekly drops. There are terms and conditions for the program which Telfar has specifically laid out on their site including the delivery, payment, and refund policies. Since bags are made to order, delivery for bags will not be begin till December 15 and no later than January 15, 2021. They also specified that regular drops will continue because those bags were produced months ago.

The important thing to take away from Telfar’s new program is that they are continuing to redefine access to luxury. Since its beginnings, the independent brand has stressed its roots in community and accessibility simply with its slogan “Not for you, for Everyone”. Telfar’s founder Telfar Clemens even expressed, “I want to be like Michael Kors, but on purpose.” In meaning, there was a time when everyone was sporting Michael Kors bags because it was accessible, luxury and popular. While he’s inspired by couture designers like Gaultier and Westwood, he also appreciates mass-apparel brands and stores like Talbots and Marshall’s. These influences matched with the brand’s latest Telfar Bag Security Program continues to show that Telfar truly aspires to be for “everyone” and continues to further democratize the idea of luxury.

The program will launch on Wednesday, August 19th at midnight EST and will only be available for 24 hours!

Will you be securing your Telfar bag through their Telfar Bag Security Program?