Cocktails with Claire is hitting the Bay Area on Saturday April 28th, for an afternoon filled with fun, fashion, and information.

Come to Hue San Francisco (447 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133) from 3-7pm for a fashion show, styling contest, shopping, vendors, and a panel featuring Nichole Lynel, Olivia, Tredayy, and yours truly.
Read about them below:


Nichole Lynel is a Los Angeles based Fashion Designer Photographer, Entrepreneur.
Growing up in an Upper Middle-Class family focused on education, a career in fashion was considered a long shot and frankly unrealistic. After pursuing many career paths, Nichole always seemed to go back to the moment where she discovered fashion. At the age of five, she received a set of Chanel paper dolls from her cousin with a note reading, “you have an eye for fashion.” From very early Nichole knew she wanted to make the world beautiful.

After attending a casting with friends and booking the job on the spot, she naturally pursued modeling which ultimately led her into the entertainment industry. During this time she even perfected her photography skills. By 2012, Nichole was well on her way to becoming a self-made entrepreneur despite what her family thought was her calling.

In 2014, Nichole launched a very successful Los Angeles Based online boutique grossing over a million dollars in under 3 years.
Then again following her heart she walked away and created yet another successful fashion venture.
In two weeks she created a captivating collection debuting as an opener for a Los Angles Fashion Show. Days later she leaped to further make her mark in the fashion industry, by launching her very own online brand and boutique Shop Nichole Lynel. Following with highly anticipated blog launching this spring , Nichole Lynel is on her way to a promising future in Fashion.


Navy (pronounced “Na-Vee”) Olivia Tep, often referred to as “Liv,” is a Social Media Influencer, Life Coach, Fashionista and Business woman that resides in the Bay Area. Her brand, The “Liv Lifestyle” did not begin as glamorous as it is now perceived. Liv came from humble beginnings born in Chiangmai, Thailand being biracial of both Thai and Cambodian decent. Her family moved to United States while she was very young for more opportunity. She spent time growing up in Stockton, San Diego and Modesto, California before getting into New Mexico State for College. It was there that she took an interest in studying both business and psychology, which today has become a trademark of her brand as a life coach. Being first generation American, her parents instilled in her the hard working immigrant mentality which she relied upon while still in college. Her identity of being a single mother entrepreneur began early in college when she found out that was going to be mother and had to make the hard decision to drop out and work to support her child at the age of 20. She worked as manager a chinese restaurant while studied to becoming a bartender. As a bartender she developed her strong interpersonal and problem solving skills which led her to start her own coaching business. Liv credits the many customers that would come to her about their problems as a bartender which inspired her to get into coaching. She believes that everyone needs guidance and in 2007 she boot strapped and began her life coaching business. After six successful years as a life coach with many satisfied customers, she began offering make up and style consulting for her clients a majority of which were women entrepreneurs. Her success can be attributed to the her attentive focus on her clientele and ability to empower them to get to reach their goals. She believes in being a role model both inside and out while projecting self-confidence through beauty and hard work. Last year 2017 marked a decade of Life Coaching by Liv. Not only is she successful in helping inspire women one on one through her business but it is evident that she is doing the same on Social Media where her over 213,000 and growing followers on Instagram a majority of which are women who come onto her page for Beauty and fashion tips. Liv recently also offered Home Design to her clientele which now are located across the US but also span the globe.


Tremiyya, better knows as Tre, started her journey in the Beauty Industry while still in high school where she attended Paris Beauty College and obtained her CA Esthetician License. Shortly after she started her career in Makeup. Working for various brands and now she is living one of her biggest dreams running her own business as a full time makeup artist, educator and Microblading technician.
As an artist, Tre loves making women feel good about themselves. In addition to makeup she is also a self proclaimed chef! Last year she launched her very first project “Cooking with Tre” where she shared some of her favorite recipes that she used to help her lose over 70 pounds. Being healthy and getting fit is now a huge part of Tre’s lifesyle and she loves sharing it with the rest of the world. With over 100k followers on Instagram Tre has been able to reach and inspire so many people. That’s what makes it worth it.

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