Rihanna went to French bastion of style Colette to get her latest wardrobe splurge:


A € 1945 ($2,500) Perfecto Jacket by Schott/Jeremy Scott. The jacket is apparently inspired by famous pop painter Keith Haring, and is available in very limited quantities.
Get detail shots at www.colette.fr.

*Love the rest? She’s rocking Givenchy’s Leather Biker Skinny Pants & Nike Blazer Sneakers.
*Pssst, go for a similar jacket vibe with these less expensive options:

3 thoughts on “Get the Look : Rihanna’s Schott/Jeremy Scott Perfecto Jacket”

  1. I looove this jacket! I recognized Haring’s style when I saw it. I’m not a big fan of his art(neon colored stick people), but this jacket is fierce! Kudos to J. Scott!

    Could we persuade the Fashion Bomb team to find a less expensive alternative?

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