Happy Rainy Friday!
I was out last week, so now it’s finally time for some Mail Bombs…

…here we go yo.
Reader Renee says, “I am really loving Serena’s style these days….”

“…Do you know where I can find her dress or a similar one that is budget friendly?”
Hey hey Renee. I found two dresses that could get you Serena’s wrapped look for less. You can try this $154 Star Wrap Dress with Puff Sleeves from CoutureCandy

Or this Sash-Tie Shirtdress

…for only $58 at www.spiegel.com.
Next reader Rosalind wanted to know how to get Beyonce’s look in this picture…

And I found that Beyonce’s belt was ripped off the runway of the DSquared Spring 2007 show…

You can get the actual belt…

…for $195. Visit www.dsquared.com for store locations.
The jumper was hard to find, but I felt this $250 jumper from Les Prairies de Paris…

…came close.
Update: Reader Tiffany conjectures that the whole outfit is DSquared…

She says, “If you scroll through the collection on the DSquared website a model has on a greenish version of the jumper with the belt.” So perhaps Bey is rocking all DSquared…

Anyway to complete the look, throw on a pair of red peep toed strappy stiletto sandals like these $60 RSVP Ivy shoes from zappos.com

…and you’ve got the look!
Next up readers Aisha and Meghan fell in love with chic yellow dress Vanessa Simmons wore recently…

Aisha says, “Vanessa’s dress really stands out. It’s simple but oh so cute!! I must find out where I can get it or something similar to it at an affordable price!!!”
Well ladies, I couldn’t find the exact dress anywhere, but felt that this Pleated Jewel Neck Dress by Susana Monaco…

…came pretty close. Get it for $141 at shopbop.com
Next Fashion Bomb fanatic Margaret says, “I must have this dress!”

“Can you find me something like it?”
You can come close with this $160 Striped 3/4 Sleeve Tie Waist Dress by Vince…

…available at shopbop.com
Next reader Tameka asks, “Do you know how to get Tracee Ross’s look?”

The closest dress I could find online that mimicked Tracee’s exotic look was this Temperley London Zebra Knit Dress on sale for $555…

…at www.net-a-porter.com.
Lastly Diva Diamond contacted me via myspace.com with the following request, “I am definitely what you would call fashion/style challenged. Like many women, I have weight issues (I am a 10 sometimes 12 – I know I shouldn’t complain but I have gained 20 lbs in the last year since I started taking night classes…). My old “fashionable” items don’t fit anymore. On top of that, my old style doesn’t fit my body I have always been very bottom heavy, small waist (in proportion to the rest of me), and recently my chest has caught up with my bottom half. You could say I am a “classic coca-cola” shape. I am just wondering if maybe you can add styles and pieces that would complement an hour glass figure.”
Hey Diamond!You’re actually really lucky to have such a great shape! Any woman would kill for an hourglass bod! Anyway, I think you should do everything to accentuate your waist since it’s proportionately smaller than your top and bottom half. This means tons of cute wrap dresses, belted tunics over jeans or tights, and wrap tops. If you really want to be a fashionista, throw in a high-waisted skirt. Try the following:

Top Row: Flame Print Faux Wrap Knit Dress, $69, www.anntaylorloft.com; Sunner Sophia Belted Tunic, $218, www.pinkmascara.com.
Bottom Row: Wrap Dress, $119, www.victoriassecret.com; High Waist Pencil Skirt, $74, www.ninewest.com.
Good Luck!
I hope it doesn’t rain all weekend:(

10 thoughts on “Friday Mail Bombs”

  1. I didn’t realize affordable budget meant a $300 outfit. I could get pictures from style sight that resemble so called celebs and say this is affordable but being able to really find a outfit under the your so called affordable cost is the real test. I find that this site continues to put there head in the clouds as if readers are really going to spend that much. But if this site was really doing something special, considering all it does is regurgitate other style site and magazines, it could find something similar celebs were under $150 if not lower.

  2. Where’s the $300 outfit? Most outfits on this post are under $200. Hater, please leave, or maybe start your own site. I’ll be sure not to read it.

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  4. the dress Serena is wearing is by designer Diane Von Furstenberg; it is also available in black and cane be purchased at nordstroms and/or Standard style boutique for

    I’m not sure if the dress is till available, it came out the first quarter of this year — I was unable to ind the dress on her website.. But i saw it at standard style boutique (the people were rude so i left) and purchased it at nordstroms.

  5. I found a wrap dress similar to Serena’s in Ross of all places earlier this week. The only real difference in apperance is Serena’s hits at knee and mine hits upper mid calf. It was Bandalino, the retail prics was $60 (the bandalino tags were still on) but I got it for 12.99. So I bought the beige/light tan colored one and a black one.

  6. Next Fashion Bomb fanatic Margaret says, “I must have this dress!”

    I got really hyped when I saw the request for this dress because, I too covet this dress, but the one you posted is not even close – the original dress is cut out almost entirely in the back. PLEASE, keep looking. . . . thanks

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