I hope that when girls see my clothes, my shoes, or my outrageous jewelry collection, they feel the thrill of wanting more for themselves too. I love what my friend Andre Leon Talley said, ‘If you are successful, people want to see it. They want to share in your dream.” Kimora Lee Simmons, “Fabulosity”

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re probably quite familiar with my obsession with Kimora Lee Simmons

…or at least my love of her book, Fabulosity. I think it’s smart, funny, and full of great advice…everyone should own a copy (I won’t judge!).
Though I was slightly embarrassed by my adoration of a woman who some could say is little more than a super-trophy wife, moves that she’s made in the past and present have helped me stand by my convictions.
So today I decided to give you: Top Ten Reasons Kimora Lee Simmons is the Bomb. Let’s get to it:

1. She has her own reality show.

I was in the Bahamas for the premiere of her show Life in the Fab Lane this past Sunday, but from the looks of the trailer…

…ish is about to be good! Please believe I’ll be posted up this Sunday with a bag of popcorn!

2. Homegirl has a Barbie Doll.

You know you’ve reached Diva status when Mattel wants to emulate your likeness!

3. She puts everyone to work–even her kids!

Julee Greenberg reported in WWD last Wednesday that the two tikes would be the inspiration and partial creative directors of a children’s collection, Ming & Aoki, in collaboration with Kimora’s Baby Phat Girlz label. The girls are seven and four and they’re already making their own dough!

4. She knows how to ‘Let it Go’ a la Keyshia Cole. When her marriage with rap mogul and international playboy Russell Simmons went sour, she didn’t leave in a huff. She simply said, “Next!” and got herself a hot new piece.

That’s right, girl!

5. Again, Fabulosity.

I go back to this book for reference every couple of months for career, life, even relationship advice! Get it for as little as $11 here.

6. This 2005 Vanity Fair Article. Yes, it was two years ago, but this article *never* gets old! And I quote, “”I will beat a bitch’s ass!” Kimora says of any woman who dares flirt with her husband, the famous Russell, a hip-hop icon for 25 years. Russell and Kimora are hip-hop’s Ozzie and Harriet, or perhaps Ozzy and Sharon, a pop-cultural institution. And yet that doesn’t keep “the bitches,” as Kimora calls them, from trying to make moves.” Love. this. article!

7.Her unabashed, unapologetic pursuit and attainment of gilded, gorgeous things.

…from the maid to the homes and the nannies, sometimes you think…is she serious?!? Part of you is sickened, and part of you is like…alright, she’s just…fabulous!

8. Her fun, over the top Baby Phat shows. Remember this?
If, even for a second, you didn’t think I was a complete fool, then refresh your memories with these horrible videos:

Lol! I’m working on getting a new recording device for the shows this season! Promise! Oh, and no singing.

9. Her cute kids!

How can you hate a woman with such gorgeous offspring?!?

10. Most importantly, her business sense with KLS and Baby Phat

Baby Phat started as an offshoot of Phat Farm, but has eclipsed Phat Farm by far, reporting millions of dollars in sales each year. I’m personally not a Baby Phat girl, but there are tons of women who are!
She’s the bomb y’all. I’ll be sure to be checking into her show every Sunday on the Style Network.
Will you?
PS Want to read more? Check out this 2006 NYMag article by Phoebe Eaton called “Kimora Lee Simmons, the New Queen of Conspicuous Consumption.”
PSS Need that Barbie? Preorder it for $60 here.