So last night I eschewed the hubbub of Manhattan to cover Fashion’s Night Out at my favorite boutique Pieces in Brooklyn:

Owner Latisha Daring was launching her new contemporary line, Ashtyn, and was also exhibiting lots of indie and emerging Brooklyn designers whom I met and chatted with throughout the night:

The first person I discovered was Melissa Carter, owner of Worn Revolution, a women’s line that fuses vintage with contemporary street wear. She maintains that Worn Revolution is for all the recessionistas of the world who love high fashion, but hate high prices. See more at and

Next I bumped into Gwen Frempong-Boadu of Gwyneth Shoes. Gwen has designed shoes for Sam and Libby, Kenneth Cole, and helped launch Steven by Steve Madden! Her chic designs average around $130 and run up to a size 14! See more at

I had a great time talking to Cherise TrahanMiller, Creative Director of Adha Zelma (, a jewelry line that uses feathers, semi precious jewels, and stones to create one-of-a-kind necklaces, hair pieces, and bracelets.

I chatted it up with Crystal, designer of EllyClay contemporary handbags. Her studded and fringed creations are made for the fashionable working woman and range in price from $250-$595. Check them out at

Towana Phillip Tosha Knit

And lastly I was delighted to meet Towana Phillip, the designer of To’Sha Knits, an eclectic line of handbags and t-shirts. Towana went to FIT and interned at Laundry by Shelli Segal and Max Studio before launching her own collection. See her fabulous bags at

After chatting with the resident designers, I took pix of the cutting edge and ever fashionable crowd!

Take a look:

Where to begin? I loved this look! I appreciated the mixture of high and low (Chanel Bag with Sweatshirt), the over the top hair, and the layered Hermes bracelets! This fashionista knew how to bring different elements together into stylish synergy.

These friends looked chic and simple in a black jacket, layered necklaces, and skinny jeans on the left, and a patterned romper on the right.

These two ladies turned it out with unique hairstyles and colorful tones. I found out that diva on the left is Tracy Balan, hairstylist at Imperial Coiff (

And I talked fashion and style to these girls, so much so that I convinced one of them to purchase my MK2K Jersey Dress!

All in all it was a great time!

Check out all the designers’ sites, or simply visit Pieces at 671 Vanderbilt at Park Place in Brooklyn to purchase. Visit their site at to see their new Ashtyn line, scope their blog at, and feel free to call them at (718) 857-7211.

They’re the bomb!


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  1. it was such a pleasure meeting you last night at pieces!! Im a huge fan of your site… cant wait to finally wear my MK2K Jersey Dress :-)

  2. these women could be used as the bombshells…ridiculously fashionable! i love it…^ wish i was there as well :-)

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