NBA players’ fashion has been a trendsetter for men’s fashion, from the funky buggy vests, trousers, t-shirts in the ’90s. Regardless of the new dress codes that Stern introduces, the NBA players remain the forerunners in driving the male fashion code. David Stern set the 2005 dress code to a business casual dressing; NBA players dressed in the best fashion business wear. 

NBA players are no slouches when it comes to fashion off the courts. Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Dwyane Wade have made waves in the fashion outfit into and out of the game. 

Fans get so keen about the outfits players wear into and out of the tunnel. This has led to the explosion of social media pages that focus solely on NBA fashion. Nonetheless, other NBA players also walk into the game dressed in outstanding outfits that guide the men’s fashion. The trendy bunch of NBA players has always presented themselves in modishly eye-catchy styles.  

Which NBA players are the best dressed in 2021?

According to Kelly Oubre Jr., “If you have a stylist, you are not original.” He is one among the NBA players that believe in themselves when picking their outfits. Other NBA player also has their classy picks in fashion, and we shall make deliberate NBA picks of players that stand out because of their style. 

For a while, NBA fashion guides the direction of men’s fashion from the buggies to the slim fits and happy socks. Within the past few years, fans have keenly spotted NBA players like Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook. Discover some of the best dressed NBA players in 2021 from our fashion analysts. 

 James Harden 

Harden is always quite explorative in his fashion ideas. He wears a variety, especially during his travels, and gets his dress code inspiration from different people. Harden gets picky in the blending of outfits with accessories. He explains why he wears his silver locking strong chain in an interview, stating that he blended the chain with his all-white pants and shirt. Generally, Harden wears what he feels like as long as he feels confident in it. 

Russell Westbrook

Russell is famous for dashy looks and loves fashion to the extent of making his outfit himself. In his response to an interview, he accounts for his white jumpsuit and white kicks. Like James Harden, he balances his outfits and accessories to find a perfect match. Russell takes the party to match suits top to bottom with a bit of switch on the shoes. 

Lebron James

While expressing himself in the courts as the best, Lebron shines too off the court as one of the most premier NBA players in fashion. He has severally made headlines because of the loads of attention that he attracts among his fan base since he showed up in an all-white buggy suite at the NBA draft. James has previously shown up in dinners, shows, and public events, from rocking colorful suits to tuxedos. 

Sometimes he changes his outfits completely to try out new styles. For example, in late 2010, he was seen incorporating dark sunglasses and black hats in his dressing. Lebron dresses to occasions. He has been seen switching looks to suit various occasions and partners before and after the games.

 Kelly Oubre Jr

Kelly Oubre Jr believes in his fashion’s originality and maintains that there is no need to have a stylist. According to him, style is about coordinating, and people should not overdo it to appear in the masses of other people. His ideal outfit comprises graphic t-shirts, furry coats for lousy weather, flirty pants with long socks, and cool kicks. Kelly likes rings and chains, although he keeps simple because of the hustle when taking them off before the start of the game.