Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand I’m obsessed with! Get into these fun and fabulous Tutu Skirts by Oyemwen.

Nigerian American Oyemwen wasn’t always in the world of fashion. She got a degree in Biology from Atlanta Metropolitan, and was on the pre-med track! She said, “Even with a B.S in Biology pre-med, for me a fashion journey was inevitable. Growing up, my parents were merchants. They imported and exported textiles. So I’ve been immersed in textiles and the fashion world all my life. “

She continued, “To be quite honest as much as I’ve always had a fashion background I never saw it as a career until a fairly recent conversation with my older sister Jane on an airplane. Random right lol. Well at first it seemed like just a normal conversation that we’ve had a million times but what she said to me resonated and left a lasting impact. She stressed that I should focus on what I love and what I am passionate about and do that to its fullest extent. I’ve heard that before, I’ve read it in books, I’ve seen it on TV, I’ve heard a million people say it. But for some reason in that moment (I call it my “AHA” moment) it hit me right there on the plane. Finally, I had a way forward, I was laser-focused on exactly the direction I needed to go. “

Before delving into all things Tutu, Oyemwen started off as a jewelry designer with a company called Fantasy Accessory Box! She writes, “However, late last year I felt the need to identify who the “fantasy accessory box” girl is. It was important for me to show all the different fashion identities of that girl. This included clothing and accessories. With that new discovery came the need for a name change. “

She says, “I have been very fortunate to have people that have followed me and walked with me through this journey for over 5yrs. Over the course of time I have gained amazing friends that have become customers and customers that have become friends and they’ve just stuck with me through this journey. I am eternally grateful for each and everyone of them.”

With a brand she identifies simply as, “From tomboy to princess,” Oyemwen stocks everything from chic suits to ruffled tops to bell bottom jeans and of course, tutus!”

About expanding her brand, she offers, “Thank God for social media. In this new age of Instagram I, as a lot of small businesses, am lucky that I am able to reach people far beyond the scope of what was possible a few years ago. Marketing for me is very important. It’s important to continue to put yourself in front of new people and more than anything continue to offer the absolute best service to the amazing friends that you have gained. In this way the word spreads by word-of-mouth, from sister to sister, friend to friend, friend to colleague. I’m a firm believer in virtual word-of-mouth. Being in front of new people is fantastic but once you are in front of new people the most important thing is to deliver the absolute best service to them.”

In terms of lessons she’s learned, she writes, “I wake up every morning and I just trust God. I pray that I do the best that I can for that day for everyone I encounter virtually and trust that he will lead me and guide me in the right direction. There is no blueprint in doing this. What I have learned on the most is making sure that my heart is pure and trust that God is moving me in the right direction even through the ups and downs. Always trusting that this is the path that it takes to get to his destination for me.”

She offers, “My goal is very simple: I want to continue to be able to create, do what I love and share it with the world. I get so much pleasure knowing deep down in my heart that I have in some way been a tiny tiny part of a life-changing, life-defining moment for someone. I know it is just an outfit, but I know how I feel personally when I celebrate life‘s moments with fashion. In a tiny tiny way being a part of someone’s birthday celebration or special engagement moment or even just a night out with the girls is very fulfilling. So I never want to lose that and I want to continue to do that on a small scale and a large scale. I want to continue to bring joy to people through fashion.

In closing, she says, “I am eternally grateful for Claire and the entire Fashion Bomb Daily team. I am truly grateful for the visibility that Fashion Bomb Daily has provided me. Also, I am grateful for the life lessons, business lessons, and business advice that I have also gained. Thank you so much.”

We love you, Oyemwen!
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