As a wave of saving the planet and all living beings take over the world, vegan culture has also gained prominence. From food to dresses, conscious humans are avoiding any more damage to the ecosystem. 

To save the animals from being killed for leather, vegan leather is also getting very popular. There are vegan leather backpack, handbags, jackets, coats, boots, belts, and every leather object that you can think of– all of this, without harming any animal.

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Vegan leather, also called faux leather, is made of synthetics such that they replicate the original leather, without using animal skin. Plastic based materials like Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) are the most common materials used. To keep it more eco-friendly, even naturally degradable elements like pineapple leaves, cork, and kelp are also utilized.

So, how are vegan leather backpack and other items made?

Vegan leather has an entirely different way of production than real leather. It involves chemical industrial processes to bond a plastic coating to the fabric. There are different types of plastic coating available, which determine the price and longevity of the faux leather.

The use of PVC has decreased in the production of vegan leather, as the better and comparatively greener PU has taken over. Technical researchers are working on making PU more eco-friendly.  This way, even fashionable vegan leather can also be more conscious of the plant kingdom.

This PU produced leather is then used just as animal skin leather to make different objects of premium but regular use. With further practice and innovation, the process is expected to grow simpler and better. 

What does vegan leather look like?

There are not many differences between the appearance of maybe a vegan leather backpack and a real leather bag. As there are different ways of production and quality of raw materials, the final product can also vary in quality. Some resemble the animal skin more than others. 

However, as vegan leather is made of synthetic elements, it cannot form a patina after aging. They are less breathable than real leather. But, considering the high-end vegan leather, you can barely notice the distinction. It will look exactly like the genuine leather at first glance.

Are vegan handbags really eco-friendly?

Faux leather or vegan leather is called so because they do not harm or skin the animals, with massive support from the animal rights activists. The vegan leather is still in the developing stage and uses synthetic elements that are not very environmentally friendly. 

Still, they do not cause the death of millions of animals, which earlier fed the leather industry. The main issue of vegan leather is biodegradability, as they are made of plastics.

Can vegan leather be better than real leather?

A vegan leather product is actually better or pretty competitive to real leather in the following aspects:

  • Cheaper
  • Durable
  • Simpler to maintain
  • More flexible to trendy designs
  • Easy to work with and fix

Maintaining vegan leather

Made of plastic, vegan leather is already waterproof. So you can easily clean it with a mild detergent or wipe out the dirt using a damp cloth. You should also use conditioning products to moisten the surface when going out at high temperatures. This will prevent the drying and cracking of the leather surface, due to extensive sun rays. It can also soften the leather for a better look.

Where to get fashionable vegan leather handbags?

Vegan leather backpacks and handbags are in vogue. Every woman wants to get into the A-list of trendy fashion by being environmentally aware. This is a positive change coming to society, and we should embrace it wholeheartedly.

If you are looking for vegan leather handbags, here are the top five brands that you absolutely cannot miss.

  • Friday by JW Pei

The sister brand by eminent designer JW Pei, Friday by JW Pei, deals in affordable and gorgeous vegan leather handbags. They excel in creating a minimalist look with more details on pastel shades. Their crocodile and snake prints are highly acclaimed.

  • Angela Roi Eloise

The reputed house of Angela Roi Eloise has a range of suede vegan leather handbags that are a must for everyday use. From small gatherings to kitty parties, their vegan leather handbags cannot be a miss. 

  • Marsi Bond

As you may always struggle with storage space in a small handbag, the trendy backpacks by Marsi Bond are a must-have. Available in varying colors, and caring towards the public demand, the vegan leather bags are designed for casual or professional use. There are ample compartments for holding a lot of things in these eco-friendly and cruelty-free backpacks. 

  • GUNAS The Brand

With a PETA-approval, GUNAS The Brand has many eclectic and professional designs, that you will easily confuse with leather. There are unique ostrich skin lookalike backpacks that are as gorgeous as trendy. They can fit in all the daily essentials, easily becoming your everyday bags. 

  • Levi Jones Monroe

Some designers experiment with the trending designs and combine them in unpredictable ways. The vegan leather range of Levi Jones Monroe follows the same principles and curates brilliant, multipurpose vegan leather items. The most common choice is a purse with a belt. Use the belt or the bag separately too, at your will.

If you are interested in vegan leather products, head on to the websites of these brilliant designers. Grab any of their creations and be proud that you contributed to cruelty-free production of fashion!