After a pretty stand out showing as a part of New York Fashion week – no, it didn’t make up for dipping out on the Grammy’s – the Barbadian princess  Rihanna has taken to Twitter to debut her latest collaboration with Puma. Having released a creeper that couldn’t be kept in stock, to say that Puma is hoping for big things here, wouldn’t be outside of the realm of probability.  
The style looks interesting. There seems to either be mesh or material like the FlyKnit, which has been trending in the industry for about a year. Reports indicate that in addition to the Blackout color way that the island girl posted to her Twitter the style will also be available in Whiteout and Red Alert.


Expect the style to go on sale Friday, February 26.

In her shot for the new kicks, Rih Rih dons a pair of sculpted frames from Alexander McQueen as well as a reflective hooded jacket from her Puma line.

Sadly though, early reaction from fans does not seem to be encouraging. “I dont know how I feel about these,” tweeted Miami style blogger Ria Michelle. The sentiment was repeated by others on our timeline.  

What do you think?!

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