According to the Daily News, Andre Leon Talley and Kimora Lee will be joining the illustrious panel of judges on America’s Next Top Model:

Andre Leon Talley Kimora America's Next Top Model

Though Kimora is a veteran (serving on the board for Season 1) ALT will bring his fresh Vogue certified views to the program for the first time.
I’ll be honest, I’ve gone from planning my whole workout/evening schedule around seeing an episode of ANTM to not watching it *at all.* Knowing that the ‘Top Model’ on the show will probably not be a ‘Top Model’ in real life kind of diluted the experience for me. I’ve gone from “Who’s gonna win?” to “Who cares?

BUT the prospect of seeing the turbans, glitter, and glamour of an ALT+ KLS collabo might make me tune back in.
What about you?