When you think fashion, or perhaps even just music, David Bowie may not be the first person who comes to mind. However, he should be: the infamous musician (who unfortunately passed away yesterday at the age of 69 after an 18-month struggle with cancer) was highly known in the fashion industry just as much as for his music with his expansive outlook on the world of fashion and constant reinvention of his image. Bowie had just released an album, “Blackstar” on Friday- his birthday. Fashion-Icon-David-Bowie-Dies-A-Legacy-Remembered2Fashion-Icon-David-Bowie-Dies-A-Legacy-Remembered1

Somehow, Bowie did something many artists of today only wish they can do: transcend and blur the lines of art, music and fashion. His music was something many could call “forward-looking” and “soulful”, touching on the the issues of self-identity, living as an outsider in a world full of insiders, and self-expression being the ultimate way to feel comfortable in one’s skin. However, it was his ability to show how things such as moving images, the playing of personas or even style and aesthetic could change the mind of an entire society. He challenged the notion that there were ‘rules’ to fashion; as a result, he taught others that they possess their own power to create their own rules.Fashion-Icon-David-Bowie-Dies-A-Legacy-Remembered6

Amidst the slew of fashion designers and celebrities (among them Madonna and Kanye West) paying tribute to David Bowie while in the midst of New York’s and London’s Fashion Week, the fashion world remarks on his contributions not only to men’s fashion, but to the idea that one could be self-expressive through what they wore and what they sang.Fashion-Icon-David-Bowie-Dies-A-Legacy-Remembered3

“I honestly don’t think there is one person in this room of any age who wouldn’t say he had touched them in some way,” said the Editor of British GQ, Dylan Jones, “I just feel so terribly sad and yet also awed by the way he made his mark on our industry — even today. Gender fluidity is everywhere on the catwalks now for example, and where does that come from? David Bowie, of course.” (NYTimes)Fashion-Icon-David-Bowie-Dies-A-Legacy-Remembered7

Before there was a Madonna or Lady Gaga, there was David Bowie. We will forever remember the man who made us proud to be different and adamant about rebelling against the social domineering style regime.Of course, we send our condolences to all that have been affected by his loss, especially his wife of 24 years, Iman, and daughter Alexandria.Fashion-Icon-David-Bowie-Dies-A-Legacy-Remembered5

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