Reader Jillian wrote in with a Fashion Etiquette question:

“The other day I was filming a television segment and the producer loved my dress. She expressed her admiration, and I politely said thank you. She then asked, “Who’s it by”?

I said I didn’t know, as it was not a designer brand, but it looked good. She then said, “I have to know who it’s by,” and grabs my collar to look at the tag… I had to then say ” It’s not a designer dress”..I was so embarrassed!”


“…Was that my bad for wearing a non-designer dress to a television segment.. (not for a fashion related business)? Or was that her bad etiquette for insisting on knowing?

Jillian, it’s never bad etiquette to wear a non designer dress!! Are you kidding? In the days of Forever 21 and H&M, it’s actually trendy to save on clothing! The producer committed the huge faux pas. How invasive to look at your tag!

The same thing happened to me at a party. I was wearing a ruffled no name blouse I bought at Loehman’s. A colleague asked who made my shirt and I really didn’t know. She insisted it was a Diane von Furstenberg, then went in and looked! I felt so violated.

I think it’s ok to ask, but to take the next physical step and check is plain rude.

What do you guys think?