29 thoughts on “Who Wore Balmain Better? Rihanna vs. Beyonce”

  1. Rihanna rocked it!! Rihanna’s take of the Balmain jacket is effortless and undoubtable chic, Beyonce looks nice, but Rihanna surpasses

  2. Beyonce, Rihanna looks too much like Mike Jack, and not in a good way. As if there is a good way…

  3. Bey wore it best. I love the crisp chic look of the black and the dark denim jeans. the jacket is such a statement piece you need something to ground it. Great job Bey!

  4. I definitely think Beyonce rocked a better look. I think I may be a bit biased too since I think it looks better in black. Despite the color, I think the jacket just looks better on Bey.

  5. Beyonce for sure. That jacket is the statement piece. Rhi has too many other things trying to compete. She shoulda left all the jewelry alone.

  6. I’m on the fence..why? because RhiRi made it kinda casual, and Bey spiced it up. Kind of like a day and evening look. Can’t decide, both of them looked good.

  7. I’m a HUGE fan of Beyonce, but I gotta say Rihanna looks better. If I see B in one more black outfit, I’m gonna scream! It looks like she’s trying too hard here, but I still love her work :-/

  8. I love the the look on both ladies but if i had to choose it would be Ri Ri based on the shoes she wore. The shoes she wore with them are not shown but they put the whole outfit together.

  9. NEITHER!!!!! This jacket is very cute on the runway, but it does not work on Bey or Ri Ri. On both Bey and Ri Ri, it looks like a Michael Jackson cast off. HATE IT!!!

  10. Rhianna, of course….this was really no competition though….those jackets, though the same style, are totally different….the black one is def more night appropriate, and the jean more day….

    but, the runway model in the black jacket rocked it better than beyonce….the jacket has an edge to it…the ripped jeans added to it….i think beyonce down played the jacket a little.

  11. As a man who thinks smiles on a lady are waaay sexier, I give it to Beyonce on this one.

    Rick, NYC

  12. Rih Rih gets this one, only because she does make it look effortless. But the big winner in all of this is Michael Jackson! I hope he’s getting $10.00 for every Balmain Jacket sold! ha!

  13. I have to agree with Christina, Rihanna’s jacket is hotter, but Beyonce rocked it better. I think Rihanna having the jacket on with those shorts seems mismatched. So if B and Rih could switch jackets then B would have this one.

  14. no comment…yet the jacket says so much…you be the judge… so official!

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