Kimora Rihanna Fur Hat

As the winter becomes more frightful, tons of celebs are pulling out warm items to stave off the chill. Last night Kimora and Rihanna opted for fur, with Rihanna working an oversize fur hat, and Kimora wearing a light brown fur for a red carpet event.

All you have to do is click on Peta’s website to get the lowdown on the cruelty involved with the creation of fashionable fur items. But some people simply turn a blind eye to the practice–I mean if we eat animals, then why not wear them?


It’s a debate that’s raged on for years in the fashion industry, and now I’m bringing it to you, fair Bombshells. When it comes to fashion: to fur or not to fur?


33 thoughts on “Fashion Discussion : To Fur or Not to Fur?”

  1. I agree w/ you Claire. If we can EAT animals, then why not wear them? Animals that are used for nutritional purposes are sometimes killed as heinously as animals used for fur. I guess the difference is need vs. want. But to me, killing an animal is killing an animal regardless of what you do with its remains.

  2. I had a coworker once who had a mink. And I remember one day it was brick out and she said, ‘I had to pull it out! There’s nothing as warm as my mink.” Apparently it’s the warmest type of coat one can own. And it looks fly? I say why not?

  3. I own quite a bit of fur, from rabbits to minks and beyond, and I have had the same argument for some time now. You don’t particularly have to eat meat either, but many people enjoy it! Same thing with fur. People don’t have to wear it, but they want to. How hypocritical of people to judge on either side. I suppose I have a sore spot on the subject since I’ve had paint thrown on me, while another PETA rep stood right near this woman eating a hotdog! All I can say is to each its own!

  4. Fur, Fur. Fur! Loves it. PETA puts so much concern on animals when there are people around the world without water or food to eat. I think they’re aim is silly and will not work.

    Are you going to attack every person with leather shoes? I think not.

  5. I own a fur also and its a personal choice. If you want to fight for animals rights thats your choice and its my choice to like and wear fur.

    **They are the warmest coats you can own

  6. Honestly, no matter who i see it on, Fur’s just look so…old to me. They seem to have a very outdated look…i personally dont see them as very fashionable…reminds me of something my auntie would wear when she “thinks” she’s fliii!

  7. Yeah, fur’s generally not for me. The argument that meat eating and fur wearing are comparable is a non sequitur. I mean, what happens with all those mink, chinchilla etc carcasses? And by the same logic, you could make cat or dog fur to wear. Same goes to snakeskin: if you won’t eat it then don’t fur it! People must recognise a moral and societal limit to their vanity. I agree in principle that if you live in freezing (and by that I mean arctic) conditions, then maybe for the sake of warmth alone it may be reasonable…but we nowadays have great synthetic fibers.

  8. I saw on the TBF that Rihanna’s hat is from H&M so I’m guessing hers is fake as well. I’m all about faux fur shawls and hood trimmings….but not into the whole fur coat (which HAS to be real)!

  9. hmmm…controversial indeed. Meadow thinks buying new fur is a little different than vintage. The vintate one’s been dead for years. I guess?

  10. I have no personal or ethical qualms about fur, lol. I just think it’s gross. My mom as a mink and it’s soft and all but something about it just freaks me out. That’s my own weird little quirk, I guess.

  11. I do leather both cow and lamb because I eat both meats. I would not wear pig skins,I dont eat pork. So no real fur 4 me for the same reason.

  12. I’m a vegetarian, and I think that any type of animal consumption is OK if it’s limited, sustainable, and humane. The problem with the meat and fur industry is that they are none of those things. So I have no choice but to oppose the wearing of fur (and the consumption of mass-produced meat).

  13. i think youre absolutely f*cking disgusting if you agree with the fact that it is okay to wear fur. killing an animal for meat is necessary, considering it is something that we need. killing an animal for its skin, is the most ridiculous thing i have EVER heard. how would you like it if someone took a knife and slit a line down your back, then ripped your skin off, leaving you there bleeding to death, in the most painful way possible. yeah f*cking disgusting, right? thats what i thought. so as you wear that fur item of yours, i hope you understand the absolute torture that animal underwent just to make you look “fly”.. and theres other things that keep you warm. you dont need an animal’s fur. you all are morons. you should understand how wrong this is. if you dont, i pity you and your mindset.

  14. Ok, I think PETA just checked in and threw a virtual bucket of paint on this discussion!
    For the sake of argument:
    I don’t see why there’s a difference between eating meat and wearing animals. Who cares why you did it? If you believe killing is wrong, then it’s wrong across the board regardless of the reasons behind it.
    If you eat a hamburger and a cow DIES so that you can have a happy meal versus wearing a mink where a mink DIES so you can stay warm, what’s the difference? Both cow and mink are dead, and probably both in painful ways (is there a way to die before your time without pain?). And there’s the argument that we don’t need to eat meat (hence vegetarianism). So you can say both eating meat and wearing fur are wants, not needs. You can’t thrust your belief of what warrants killing and what doesn’t warrant killing onto others. It’s a personal decision.
    And all your cussing and calling people ‘disgusting’ makes me pity YOU and YOUR mindset.

  15. Hmmmm, looks like somebody /\ /\ /\ anonymous didn’t get any last night. Killing animals for meat is necessary? So that explains all the dead, starved vegetarians around here? I eat meat, wear fur and leather, I wouldn’t even think of wearing pleather shoes, how absolutely f’n disgusting. Don’t talk me to death about a mink when I just tripped over 3 homeless humans.
    If your house was on fire would you save your hamster or you kid? Put people first.

  16. ahahahaha youre kidding right? im a vegetarian. i dont eat meat because of personal reasons. do i disagree with people who do eat meat? no, i dont. i understand that it is something that people need in order to survive. but killing an animal for it’s fur is so wrong! you dont need it’s fur to stay warm. its common sense, you can find other types of material. and a hamster or my child? i dont know if youre half retarded, but that was so beyond my whole entire point. ofcourse i would save my child. are you insane? but i wouldnt go and kill a perfectly healthy innocent animal to keep you warm during the winter season. go f*ck yourself you cold hearted b*tch

  17. I could go on and on…basically: Fur is disgusting, outdated and cruel. Have you seen the videos of the skinning? If you have pets, and you wear fur, you ARE disgusting. Animals were not put on this earth for us to SKIN and WEAR, to look “FLY”. I can understand the neccesity say if you live in the arctic or Russia, but if you live in f*cking Los Angeles or New York and you are wearing a fur coat, you are a sad person. Their are alternatives, and other options> above, that Chinchilla fur coat? I HAVE A CHINCHILLA as a pet, HE IS THE SWEETEST and cutest thing ever. Did you know it takes 100-150 chinchillas for a SHORT coat like that? Can you imagine over 300 animals dying for you to wear that? PATHETIC. F*cking pathetic. I will throw paint at you, it’s f*cking disgusting.

  18. AND to “JAY”, talking about LEATHER and MINKS is completely different. MINKS are not killed for their meat, they are purposely RAISED for fur. You’re f*cking ignorant.

  19. Hi Claire..I just wanted to point out that in the picture you have posted of Kimora she is actually wearing faux fur. She is a spokeswoman for PETA. I wouldn’t want it to be out out there that she is wearing real fur when she is in fact against it.

  20. Word on the street is that both Kimora and Rihanna are wearing faux. That being said, they are just used as illustrations to spark a bigger discussion. I’m sure both are Peta spokewomen, etc…
    Carry on Bombshells!

  21. Also, Peta people, please try to keep it clean. We all try to be respectful to each other on the blog. Thanks!

  22. ‘Pauline’ your argument makes no sense. Minks may be raised to make fur coats, but cows are raised to EAT, make leather shoes, leather coats, leather skirts.
    You may have a chinchilla for a pet but that’s your choice.
    A lot of people have dogs for pets, but some countries eat dogs as a delicacy.
    Get out of your small bubble and try to see things from more than one close minded, filthy mouthed, angry perspective.

  23. okay okay i was going to keep my comments to myself…but now i must say something with all the banter about right and wrong, real fur vs faux fur. I did a report waaaaaay back in the day about this– PETA is against poachers. For those of you who do not know what poachers are, they are the black market “mongrols” who slay and kill helpless animals. Poachers then sell to buyers to make a profit to those that make the fur coats and what not. Before fur coats became a main staple in the “fashion” industry i.e. only the very rich and very famous could only attain these items…hunters could properly kill these animals as a “gaming sport” (look that up if you dont know what a gaming sport is)….then overnight fur became an attainable product, soon fur was being produced at a mass market level…once that happended the demand for fur when sky rocketing…out the window went gaming as a sport…in came shameless poachers and thier disgusting outrageous ways of attaining those furs—thats my spiel i thought i’d share that if you cared to know, if you dont care then dont read. Other then that, the people who are choosing to name call/belittle others for their likes or dislikes thats on you but at the end of the day who are you to judge what another person chooses to do with their “hard earned money” poachers will still exist and poor lil animals will still be slaughtered. What are you resolving buy ruining someones jacket by throwing paint on it???? I never understood that–in a way that animal went through cruely for nothing because now that coat has to get thrown out into the garbage…all for nothing..use your mind ..not your hate

    just know that if i do wear fur and paint gets thrown at it im going Ron Artest/Naomi Campbell/ Latrell Spreewell on that ass

  24. I personally think it is ridiculous of the commenter who defended killing animals for meat beause it is something we “need” versus killing them for the sake of fashion. First and foremest you dont NEED to consume meat in your diet so if you are so adament in the treatment of animals you should clearly be a vegan, no not a vegetarian a true blue vegan! People kill me with their half ass knowledge but gung ho opinions. P.S. I dont mind people who wear furs nor do I mind people who dont.

  25. Fur is gorgeous, practical and lasts. Nothing can match it, feel like it, sumptuous and perfect.

  26. i think wearing fur is disgusting and uncalled for…cmon now we’re not freezing..killing an animal for food is understandable but to wear it is gross!!


  28. I LOVE real fur!!! All these PETA fanatics worrying about animals when there are people starving to death!!! Go to HELL all you PETA freaks!!!!

  29. It’s interesting to me that so many comments from people who are in favor of wearing fur are hating on PETA for not caring about all the human that are suffering on this planet. The obnoxious coast of a fur coat could feed a small village for a year or more. That’s not a secret. I’ often disagree with PETA but one look at the facts and it’s easy for any rational human to see the fur industry is honorific. None of that for me thanks.

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