Rih Rih blessed her 4th of July with a pair of patriotic accessories:

Rihanna lil Kim Pasties

…star shaped Lil’ Kim like pasties.

She didn’t have it all hanging out–she wore her sultry stick-ons with a tailored black jacket and fun costume earrings.

Rihanna Pasties 4th of July

Most times Rih Rih can do no wrong, but when she’s drawing comparisons to Lil Kim, it’s gotta make you go hmm…

Are her particular brand of pasties classy or trashy? And would you rock ’em?

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17 thoughts on “Fashion Discussion : Would You Wear Pasties?”

  1. I’m gonna go with trashy… Is there ever a time pasties are trULY classy?

  2. She’s sad! There is a difference between having a stylist and having style. She usually has a stylist I would think!

  3. Pasties might be worn somewhat classilly, under a shirt that might otherwise be see-through, and that’s pushing it. Having your breasts our, pasties or not, is classless. Rihanna seems to be seeking some extra attention. Not cute.

  4. Just because she’s in Vegas doesn’t give her license to go to the club looking like a refugee from a burlesque show. This is not classy at all. I’m disappointed, Ri Ri.

  5. I don’t understand Rihanna’s thinking on this one. If she was some wannabe angling for attention, it would be understandable why she would wear something like that. But she isn’t. She’s already a megastar so it seems pointless, declasse & desperate…

  6. I’m gonna dare to be different on this one and say, this actually works for her. I could never try it but I think she is working it. I’m not mad at her at all. I have seen the jacket and no bra look on some chicks and most don’t even bother to rock the pasties. At least her nips are covered!

    You are killin em’ Ri!

  7. this is DEF NOT CLASSY. ri ri knew exactly what she was doin when she put them on!! everybody else looks like they came dressed to party but she lookin mighty desperate for some attention. dare to be different, but please use your better judgement next time!

  8. Trashy. There is no way this can be made into anything good. Just… a mess.

  9. TRASHY all the way. I can’t believe anyone could try to justify how pasties can equal class. Just not possible.

  10. This is a very brave and fashion forward statement, and she pulls it off. She is edgy, confident, and has fun with her style. Find Rihanna’s star shaped silver Nightfever Nippies and other stylish nipple covers and dressing accessories at Bristols 6

  11. I actually love the style its nor classy nor trashy just simply fashion; she has a jacket on and the look actually works for her. Rihanna is very edgy, young and she’s havin fun…besides her wearing pasties dont make my boobs show so who cares….

  12. When you think of pasties, you think of a stripper or a showgirl…but Rihanna does pull it off…but I would never try it…DARE TO BE DIFFERENT!!!

  13. I think they are sexxy..I loved Lil Kim outfit..ESP when Diana Ross touched her tity on the award show!..LOL

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