Who can believe that last year marked the tenth anniversary of Love Jones‘s release? Whether you first saw it on a date, with friends, or a special someone in your life, Love Jones became, for all of us, one of the definitive cultural statements about African-American men, women, and relationships in the 1990s.
And, unassumingly, fashion. Set at a moment when fashion was transitioning from the minimalist ’90s to the label-conscious 2000s, the movie’s understated, boho-urban style is also a time capsule of modern young, upwardly mobile Black fashion, not to mention an influence of today’s neo-soul aesthetic.
The characters, like the movie itself, are swathed in earth tones; rich sweaters, black leather jackets, boot-cut jeans, and motorcycle boots comprise the wardrobe’s signature looks. The clothes are quietly stylish, as if to contrast the flash that accompanies other movies of the decade (Belly, Boomerang) documenting the adult African-American experience. Nia Long’s much-copied bob and the movie’s hit soundtrack are also two of the film’s legacies.
Did you have any Love Jones style back in the day?

7 thoughts on “Fashion Cinema: Love Jones”

  1. I absolutely LOVED this movie and actually pulled it out yesterday to watch with Brown Sugar and The Best Man. I was in one of those moods!

  2. this is my all time favorite movie. I have torn up at least 5 dvd’s cause I used to watch it daily. Yeah i’m obsessed! i know this whole movie, word for word!

  3. 10 years?Lord, I’m old.lol! I remember this movie came out when I was in college and everybody and their mama was having poetry slams on campus…the guys thinking they were Darius Lovehall or something. lol!

  4. OMG! I love this movie with a passion! I introduced my bf to it this past summer (can u believe he had never even heard of it?!)
    Nia Long is the ultimate simplistic diva in this movie, right down to her silver/black makeup combo that works for her in this movie.


  5. This post just reminds me to cop Love Jones on dvd; A cassette isn’t gonna work in the ’08.

    This film and Brown Sugar are urban classics that should be in every urban fashionista’s library.

  6. I’m late commenting but I had to bcz Love Jones is THE one movie I watch on a regular basis and still can’t get enough! Loves it!!!

    I absolutely heart Nia Long and did an “homage” to her on my blog. I hope to see her soon back on the small/big screen…

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