Today we have a Bombshell of the Day submission from Chi-town Diva Vanessa:

Vanessa from Chicago Fashion Bomb

She says, “I took this picture recently while out on the town for a “girls-night-out.” I’m wearing a BCBG Spring 09 Jumper, Dolce Vita Python Sandals, a vintage belt and my staple LV Speedy bag.”
Wow, we have some super fly readers, don’t we?
I love how Vanessa mixes a classic Louis Vuitton with a trendy satin jumper.
What do you think of her style?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. Submissions will eventually compete in our 2nd most Fashionable Fashion Bomber Contest! Send your Fashion Bombshell of the Day Picture to th************@gm***.com.

40 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Vanessa from Chicago”

  1. I’m diggin’ the jumper & the sandals chica – and i must say, being from chi-town myself, we ladies do know how to stay fly out there ;-) very cute!

  2. Love it Vanessa! The strappy shoes work effortlessly with the jumper. I peeped that you aren’t wearing a necklace. Thanks for not over accessorizing. You pulled this off! Yay You! :)

  3. I really love this look, especially how casual chic it is. I must admit though, that I would have loved a lil bit more of a pop of color. Like some hot pink accessories, or a flash of blue. Just a little, not too much.

    Overall, fashion homerun. Get ’em Nessa! :)

  4. Love the look chica!!

    Did some google research- this chick has a great blog of fashion and life etc…

    Great work! Keep up the great fashions!

  5. I love the look sans the LV speedy bag. I see a clutch working better with the outfit

  6. Vanessa is by far the best dressed Bombshell ever featured on this site!!She makes it look so easy! Woohoo!!

    You’re a great blogger too. Keep up the good work!

  7. YASSSSSS!!!!! This Chic is “IT”

    Not many people would be able to pull this off, especially with the right shoe, but this chic right here did it well. I glad she kept the accessories to a minimum. I think the speedy gives this sexy look class…..LOVES IT.

    Def not your “regular” chic.

  8. I just came across this picture and i am very curious as to what is so classy and trendy about this getup. did any of you not see that her breast is about to jump out of this “CLASSY AND TRENDY” OUTFIT. The sandals don’t go with the outfit the only nice thing about this malfunction is the accessories. I am not sure if she got dressed in the dark or if she was drunk but PLEASE LET’S NOT DO IT AGAIN. Maybe next time she should look in the mirror and ask a couple of people who don’t call themselves her friends so she will know “HOT ASS MESS” friends dont let friends dress like this “EVER”.

  9. She is a very cute girl! I don’t think this jumpsuit works well for her, it’s “frumpy” in the breast section and I’m not a fan of the shoes with this outfit.

  10. Vanessa looks amazing, fresh from the runway! You’re beautiful girl and you pulled this look off very well, with class INDEED. Embrace the haters, they wish they could walk a mile in your Dolce Vita sandals. Sounds like someone submitted to be a Bombshell and didn’t quite make the cut! :-(

    P.S. Love the blog site!

  11. Vanessa looks cute, however I don’t quite like the shoes paired with the outfit. Also the jumper would fit her much better a size smaller.

  12. No their are no haters here, facts being noone said she was not a pretty person however, her clothes are to big and the shoes dont go. even a person in the spot light deserves to here the truth. if this was an everyday person this ensemble would have been talked about a spade is a spade.

  13. You look Fabulous!!!!
    The jumpsuit is NOT supposed to fit tight (for those who saw a problem with the fit)And the shoes are fab!
    but please next time let go of the speedy bag…its sooooo 2005. and actually makes ur outfit look cheaper than it actaully is. as a black woman i notice that black girls tend to think that because a bag is logo’d out that it upgrades their outfit (i.e.-Trina)when in actuality in downgrades ur look, because too many ghetto/unfashionable woman wear them (especially LV speedy bags)
    Listen…im def not a hater – just a woman who appreciates fashion and wants everyone to look their BEST! You are beautiful and theres no reason why you should be wearing the same bags that woman who are not on your level wear ALL THE TIME!

  14. Again thanks to everybody for their comments, and even to those who gave constructive criticism. Much appreciated!



  15. The jumpsuit is cute and fits her well. The ‘openness’ of it is a little much for me. I’m not feeling the strappy sandals, they’re senior prom-ish. Maybe a shoe with less straps would have fit better. The speedy has to go, i see it as very causal. It doesn’t compliment her outfit at all.

  16. @ BB : fall back. Oh and submit a picture of yourself while you’re at it. Thanks

  17. I absolutely love it! Very trendy, yet classic… And as far as ‘BB’…at this point I’m thinking it must be an abbreviation for ‘Bebe’!!! The wackest of the wak! Any fashionista will know that matchy matchy went out ten years ago therefore the outfit is flawless. I love to see women who are willing to take a risk and not stick with the norm, she could have easily thrown on the overdone platform pump but she went strappy…which was great. And for the LV bag I personally think it’s all in the look, people need to learn that the clothes don’t make you, you make the clothes…another chick with a LV may look cheap or that they’re trying, Nessa made the LV the after thought as if she grabbed it on the way out the door! Again flawless!! Keep doin you…cuz you wear it well!! And I second the motion for BEBE to submit a pic! Smooches!!

  18. Well I suppose that I’ll be labeled a hater too, but I hate the whole look and that’s only because I HATE the whole jumpsuit trend. Vanessa is gorgeous, but this whole look is a no-no. The shoes don’t go and neither does the purse. I wish that chicks would invest in designer evening bags if they have to tote a name to the club because I’m tired of the LV and Gucci suitcases bumping into me at the bar.

  19. My only complaint is that this jumpsuit isn’t in my closet. Can we arrange for that to happen? Perhaps in the color of all colors: noir? ‘Preciate it. KVG – I heart the pic and blog. Absolutely lovely. If this comment section is any indication, you are well on your way to your 20 haters per season requisite. Find a way to amp it to 40 for the fall. *wink* Kisses & ChocoChip Cookies.

    PS – Do we realize that while some say the LV Speedy is so played out and/or overdone…it’s actually been around for several decades? Next they’ll say, LBDs and pumps are to be tossed in the wind as a trend too. *gasps in blatant offensiveness* Let’s research the term: Classic.

  20. forgot to mention… the only reason she needs a long necklace, i for her to appear taller, instead her bare chest makes her appear wider and she’s already not so narrow.. and maybe for her body type, short hair would be best, or maybe she should have pulled it back. whoever left the “frumpy” comment, had a good point. if this outfit was a tee wee tighter on her, her small breast would look chic, but instead they look sloppy.

  21. I LOVE the shoes but the outfit kinda looks like satin pajamas to me, I’m also not an LV fan. I’m not hating but I don’t really like the look, the jumpsuit looks kinda sloppy… unless that’s how it’s supposed to look, I’m not really good with trends and fashion.

  22. I am so late on this one but I just saw the picture (these many months later). I have to side with BB on this one. Vanessa is definitely a cute girl and she has style but certain elements to this look don’t mesh well together . Thumbs up on the LV bag and the shoes….but the jumper gets one thumb down. Its cute, but I think for her body type its not right. The irregular drape of the crouch area and the low dip in the front just doesn’t work on such a small petite girl. The concept is cute but its just not right for her body. With that being said, she obviously is gorgeous and has taste but in my opinion this ensemble wasn’t the perfect fit for her, but thats just my opinion.

  23. nobody else saw that nat geo boob? nothing at all classy about it…dont have to show skin to be sexy ladies, its a mindset

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