Today’s Bombshell is Tiffany from Brooklyn, New York:

She says, “I have been in LOVE with fashion for 35 years… Yes since I was born. lol”

” I consider the women in my immediate family my fashion icons.”

“…I love to look glamorous without trying too hard.”

” I’ve dabbled in styling but it wasn’t for me. I prefer to style myself, my hubby, my children (son&daughter), as well as my friends.”

“.. I’m always giving fashion advice (sometimes unsolicited) but I try to help those I feel are in need.”

“I hope you and your readers like my style and fashion choices. :)”

Super cute! I especially love your bowed Sammy B Designs skirt!
What do you think?

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48 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Tiffany from NYC”

  1. She is 35?! Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you look like you are 20 something….Nice! Style wise, she is iite for me. Safe and secure is what I would call her style.

  2. 35 where??? how??!!!!!!! love the leather dress and the striped bow skirt……….the style isn’t inspiring but it’s cute nonetheless

  3. I love that leather dress and I must say I love you with the short hair it shows more of your pretty face :) also what red lipstick are you wearing in the photo with the white jeans it is Fire!!! Work it Mama!!

  4. cute look for 20’s . I think she should try a more sophisticated look , more Kimora lee, Kim Kardashian, and maybe LALA inspired with her own little flair

  5. I loooooove loooove loooove everything bout this mother of 2!!! 35????? No freakin way!!!! She looks amazing! you betta give it how yo get it boo!!!! WERK!!!

  6. 30 is the new 20!…Werk it hot momma!!!…P.S….Deets on the black leather dress please??????

  7. Shout out to my Brooklyn
    No she is so adorable…great looks and please to tell where the fountain of youth she is drinking is from..

  8. Ok just logged on to Sammy B website and where have I been??….This young lady my friends is talented!!!…Ordering the blue jumpsuit!!

  9. Ok in *Donald Trump’s voice* Let me see the birth certificate!! She looks great!! And that leather dress:: Yes, I LIVE!!!! And I also Love the purple and pink skirt as well!! Tiffany you are the bomb!! lol

  10. super cute. Shes super trendy but it doesnt feel forced in anyway. Im feelin it!!!!

  11. I love all the different looks be it funky, sophisticated, chic or casual..I’m soo loving the the pink striped mini. You look fab..and I second that thirty is the new twenty!


  13. her look is super cute. i like all of them…. However, I agree with the person who said it looks like a younger look… didn’t expect her to be 35…. she has a much younger (20 something) look.

  14. Where are you all from that you think that 35 is supposed to look “old”?!

    I like the patterned dresses by the way…

  15. I love everyone’s comments. Thank you much!! FYI… It is never a goal of mine to inspire ppl with what I wear but moreso how I live my life. :-) Happy 1st dolls!!

  16. I LOVE THE LEATHER DRESS!!!! CAN WE GET SOME INFO ON IT PLEASE???!! it would be perfect for an event im attending next week

  17. You are adorable!! I love all the looks and except for the skirt I thought they all were age appropriate (though you don’t look 35 at all)! I think the bow is what is throughing me off with the skirt…had it just been the pattern/colors I would love it. Overall, definitely a BOMBSHELL…and I agree with an above poster, the short hair is fab on you.

  18. She looks great. And though she doesn’t look a day over 27, I do think she should dress a little more sophisticated since she is 35. She does look good nonetheless.

  19. I’m in love!! Ma you killed it. you dont look a day over 24, you are gorgeous!!

    The style is so effortless and pretty. Please tell me you have a blog!!

    if so please post it!! luuuuved it!!

  20. Cute style, keep the short hair, but mostly thank you for demonstrating that you don’t have to dry up after kids or turning 30 or 40 or whatever bs # society tells you. You’re beautiful.

  21. You dress HOW YOU FEEL!!! unless your 75, you can wear whateva the hell you want!!! The thing about fashion is that its YOUR style… not everyone elses!

  22. After I voted I forgot to comment! BOMBSHELL all the way….her style is effortless…Im 34 and I want the shirt with the bow!!!!!! I vote for the short hair too, looks fab on you :-) LOL

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