Our Thursday Bombshell of the Day, Sisi, hails from New Jersey:

Sisi New Jersey Fashion Bomb

She says, “My style is truly versatile, please feature me!
Always gotta give props to a girl who isn’t afraid of color. Sisi keeps it splashy down to her purple lipgloss!

What do you think of her style?

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17 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Sisi from New Jersey”

  1. Its classy, the lay fits her perfectly..no buldges && whatnot. I like that it’s trendy yet it has an old style flavor to it that will never go out of style. The scarf definatley adds pizazz..&& the shoes are sweet as well.

    Im not a fan of colored lip gloss..i wear it every so often..the purple is a bit much for my eyes.

    Other than that one little thing, i love this!!! you look very well put together Sisi.


  2. Not everyone could pull this off. Those heels and the color really do it w/ the length and style of the skirt. And the contrast of the scarf add some pizazz as someone else said. And although I couldn’t pull off the purple, she makes it work and that’s a pretty daring move w/ the color of the outfit itself. A great look. Not afraid to take risks evidently.

  3. I am feeling the look minus the scarf around the neck..it looks a little flight attendant. Props for the bold colors though!

  4. I love the look minus the scarf. I love the lipstick even more, what’s the color and where can I get it! It’s hard finding great lip color on chocolate complexions and that color works.

  5. I’m feeling the entire look. Usually I’m not a fan of a purple lip color, but it looks good on her. And she’s repping hard for the chocolate sisters!!

  6. Extra special love for this b/c she made a tie dye tee look grown up and sassy. Great look!!

  7. Thank yall SO much for all the LOVE and critique. I’m just so glad and happy to even be featured. THANK YOU.

    Fashion Bomb ROCKS!

    We’re all BOMBSHELLS!

  8. Great Job..SiSi..I think u definitely pulled it off!! Totally love the color. Maybe several multi-colored strand pearls(with same colors in the shirt)a combo of long and short would have been a little better than the scarf?

    But overall really cute look! and the hair is looking really pretty as well. Work it girl…

  9. I can tell by the name that she’s Nigerian (like me)! Naija women KILL IT when it comes to fashion :o) work! I love the lipstick…where did you get it??

  10. I can tell this chick has style but I’m not too sure how I feel about the matchy-matchy look. But like I said, she gives off the stylish girl vibe, this just may not be her best outfit. In other news, her face is simply gorgeous! Her makeup is on point and skin gives a wonderful glow.

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