So if you’re like me, you might be stuck in a bit of a ‘pose’ rut. When I go on vacation, I don’t want to just stand there, so I put one hand up ‘a la Vanna White’ to show off what’s going on behind me:

Claire Has One Pose

My sister has already called me out on it, and I’m working on switching it up!!! If you, too, are looking for a few ideas, let’s take cues from celebs for inspiration:

1. Fingers Behind the Hip:

Beyonce Strike a Pose

Beyonce has perfected this classic stance, which involves placing the fingers of one or both hands behind the hips (thumb in front). A graceful choice, this pose is perfect to show off your latest Balmain or Elie Saab while teetering in a pair of Louboutins.

2. One Bent Knee:

Kim Kardashian Strikes a Pose

Whether in jeans or a halter neck LBD, Kim Kardashian sizzles for the camera with one cocked knee. Place your hands at your side or pop one into your pocket for dramatic effect. Which knee you choose is up to you!

3. Crossed Ankles:

Sanaa Lathan Pose

If you don’t know what to do with your feet, cross them for a no frills stance. This is a favorite of the ever classy Sanaa Lathan, whose red carpet game is always tasteful.

4. Over the Shoulder:

AMber Rose Over the Shoulder

Turn at angle, and peer across your shoulder with a ‘blue steel’ stare to achieve this pose. This especially works if you’re wearing an outfit with a low cut or cut out back. Amber Rose is the ‘over the shoulder’ queen, thanks to her eye catching outfit choices and generous *ahem* assets.

5. The Fashion Hunch:

Chrisette Michelle Fashion Hunch

Songstress Chrisette Michelle works it like a Vogue covergirl with her elbows out and chest hunched slightly forward. Place your fingers in front of your hips (thumb in back) and lean into the camera for a look that works in print and real life.

Pose as you please, but take these tips into consideration:

1. Watch your Feet:

Keke Palmer Pose

A pigeon toed posture is a sure fire way to ruin your picture. Pay attention to where your toes are pointing, and if all else fails, take Sanaa’s lead and cross at your ankles.

2. Put your Arms Down:

Beyonce Arm Up Pose

Yes, I know I need to take this advice!! Arms up in any way looks a little silly, and pittstances should be avoided. Thankfully Beyonce has learned her lesson, and has let her arms migrate down to her hips.


3. Don’t Laugh:


The laugh shot is very hard to pull off unless you’ve practiced at home or are a professional actress or model. Why? Well, best case scenario you’ll look fun and carefree. Worst case, you’ll be caught with your mouth open and looking crazy. Play it safe and stick to a smirk, smile, or stare.

How do you strike a pose?

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11 thoughts on “Strike A Pose : How to Work the Camera”

  1. Love this post! I’m going to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks and I know I’ll be taking lots of pics. Now I’ll have some fly poses to take with me :)

  2. This is sooooo awesome im so tired of posing the same ole way like im missing a neck. I party alot and love to take photos but wont jus becuz I only have one pose but not anymore! YES!

  3. I love this as well my sister is always saying I am the picture queen because of my poses ( I call it the zoolander) but I totally agree the right pose makes or breaks a pic and yes my girl Beyonce’s pose game is proper she has it down to a science.

    So will we have a men’s edition soon claire??

  4. I love this post too! So cute how you used yourself as an example! :) Didn’t realize so many celebs had their own signature pose.
    Ladies with larger arms – I’ve learned that a hand on the hip is the best way to slim them down in a pic!
    Thanks Claire!

  5. Everyone else has said it but I’ll say it too.. great post Claire! Kudos to you.I’ve been trying to think of ways to pose and smile in picks. My goofy look and uncomfortableness wasn’t working. I’m gonna give the Beyonce and Kim delight a try.

  6. This is a great post! I think I have almost perfected the way my face looks in a picture, but I’m still kind of awkward with the “body” part, so I’ll take some of these into consideration, esp. Sanaa’s cool steeze! (C:

  7. We all have that natural pose and we get called out on it! I think you’re pose is cute and definitely shows your personality – warm, friendly and always on the go!

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