Today’s Bombshell is Michelle from New York. Check out her style:

Michelle-From-New-YorkShe says, “My style is always changing but lately I’ve been taking a more minimalistic and casual approach to fashion.”

Michelle-From-New-York-3“I find that simplicity is best most of the time and timeless/classic pieces won’t come and go like trends.”

Michelle-From-New-York-6“You can keep them in your closet forever!”


“However, I still add color and prints when I feel like it to add a little fun to my outfits.”

SONY DSC“I love shopping at retail and online stores like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and ASOS but I especially love thrift shopping.”

Michelle-From-New-York-4“It gives you a chance to find unique pieces at such affordable prices!”

Michelle-From-New-York-7Gorgeous gal! I’m completely on board with your style!

Check out Michelle’s site:

Follow her on Instagram: @mademoisellemichelle

What do you think of today’s Bombshell?

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26 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell Of The Day: Michelle From New York”

  1. I love it !! Simple and chic… I know there will be comments such as ” nothing to write home about ” ,” cute girl but style is just ok” lets remember everyone doesn’t go for the loudest style in the room..also, she accessorized her looks really well and has a good eye for editing. Fashion bombshell from me !!!

  2. I like the simplicity with plays on grey and black tones. However, her pieces are quite trendy despite her claim they aren’t. There is nothing wrong with following trends though. I would be excited to see further development in her style in terms of risk taking, individualism, and maybe plays on textures if color isn’t her thing. Note quite fashionbomb, but nice nonetheless.

  3. I knew she looked familiar! This is the second time she is being featured for bombshell. At first i voted pretty girl, ok style then i went on her blog and realized that it actually has more of her cuter looks!! Very pretty none the less.

  4. I knew she was from New York even before reading the caption. I never considered myself a fashionbombshell… but with these looks being posted, maybe I should. LOL

  5. I feel like I’ve seen this before….same style, in bombshell of the day. Can we have one with someone with great shoes for a change…geez

  6. Cute girl, ok style. I didn’t really see many classic pieces in her submission. I saw a lot of trendy pieces but nothing really classic. She looks nice though and she dresses well, but her pictorial submission didn’t match her description of herself.

  7. I really like it. What I really love is the vintage handbag with the striped t-shirt and jeans. I have my grandma’s handbags like that and use them often. I also love her black hat and black shoes (especially the shoes) in the last photo where she is sitting on the bench. Really nice and simple style.

  8. @Liz, I knew I wasn’t going crazy! lol She was featured last year for sure. I think I liked her looks better on the previous feature. Gorgeous girl though!

  9. I agree with honeybrown not all of us go for the loudest pieces I think what makes her style cool is it stands out without being LOUD

  10. One thing was right about her description of her style… she shops at Forever 21, ASOS, Zara and H&M. She is more trendy than classic but cute overall.

  11. It’s ok. She’s a nice looking girl. My favorite outfit is the striped shirt, black bag, boyfriend jeans, and white pointy toe pumps; it”s simple yet cute. And side note: why do people (in general) make it seem like being a trendy dresser is a bad thing? I guess people see it as others jumping on whatever’s hot at the moment but I don’t see it like that. I see it as not being afraid to switch it up.

  12. There’s nothiing classic about her style. None of her pieces are considered classic. People really need to do some reserach on what classic style is. She’s trendy, modest but still trendy.

  13. Her look is very stylish and trendy. I love most of her looks, she is most def a bombshell!!!!!!!

  14. I love the fact that she’s so simple and neutral. It brings out her true beauty by wearing pieces that accentuates her appearance rather than jumping on the band wagon, by wearing trending pieces.

  15. Thank you for all the lovely comments! I do agree the photos I submitted are more of my trendy outfits so it didn’t really show the “classic” or minimalistic style I’ve been going for lately but just wanted to show all the looks I play around with and how it changes. I definitely have no issue at all with trendy pieces especially because I still do play around with trends but I just happen to feel comfortable keeping it simple lately. Thank you again for the sweet comments everyone!

  16. I like her look… she’s a pretty girl, I think over the top looks for her would scream that she’s begging for too much attention. She has a young, modern, and fresh “classic” look.

  17. I am all for understated dressing. I never go for the brightest, blingiest (is that a word?!?) outfit in the room, but her looks are very uninspiring IMO.

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