California is on a roll this week!
Today we have another West Coast Bombshell, Charlie from LA:

She says, “I’m a fashion stylist…”

“… and the designer of Blindfold Eyewear.”

“Check me out at”

“I’m a proud LA NATIVE!”

Alright! So um, where did you get that “Yeezy Taught me” sweatshirt? And how about that Grace Jones tee?!? Hot!
What do you think of Charlie?

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73 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Charlie from LA”

  1. It’s refreshing to see a Fashion Bombshell’s style that doesn’t consist of fitted bandage skirts and blazers. I wouldn’t wear this style myself, but I appreciate her effort.

  2. Love the style but I need to see a Fashion Bomb Daily that is less punk rock and more conservative corporate world. There always seems to be so much going on, but where is the class? The elegance? The “I don’t need to do a whole lot to be noticed”?

  3. I liked a lot of her looks; they were unique. The sequin skirt/nascar tee wasn’t my favorite. Loved the blue shorts/loafers fit though.

  4. Dopenicity…love it..Thought I was the only woman still rocking wheat timbs..She’s feminine but has that masculine steelo..But that racing t-shirt with the skirt looks like she spilled something on her original shirt and just put that on..

  5. LOVE! Her style is so Unique! I like when girls can go from wearing Tims and Jordans to Fierce Pumps!(like me!)

  6. The look was rocked well, but it was not for me. I would definitley take a double take if I saw her in the street. I work at a Foturne 500 company; I can’t make these looks work appropriate.

  7. some of the outfits were kinda cool; but as far as the timbs HELL NO and the race car shirt was a no,no! Other than that shes cool and I am loving her hair!!!

  8. from one shorty (i’m 5’1) to another, ANYTHING highwisted is NOT out friend!
    but on a lighter note. i love her tee collection!

  9. Gimmie dat multi colorr sequin skiry NooooooOWWWW!!!…everyone you can go to for the yeezy sweatshirt

  10. Those t-shirts are definitely the business… did you design them? please provide the deeds! My fav look is the one on the couch… reminds me of one of the Olsen twins, and I also love the black loafers with tassels.
    Overall cute style. You deserve to be a bombshell.

  11. The picture quality sucks on most of them but I do think her style is dope and fresh.

  12. Yeah. Definitely “Not Good & Not Bad” … she definitely doing “that” look some justice… but personally I am not one for grungy chic and vintage tees … kind of juvenile.

  13. I would give her a 7.7, I think she need sto work on her shoe game a litle, but her style is very cute and I love how she works with her urban/boy/cute style. It seems to represent who she is. I also like how she stays looking clean and neat.

  14. Where are the corporate bombshells??? I don’t like putting my pics on the internet so I can’t participate but us corporate chics rock. At least the ones I know and know of!

    I’m tired of the throw everything you have on high and low and hope that it sticks look. No disrespect to Charlie..her looks work for her.

    I just stated my opinion

  15. The people on this site are so funny. If Claire were to post a woman rocking corporate looks, the comments would blast her for being too boring. Then when she posts bombshell showing wild/crazy but cute outfits, the problem is that you can’t translate the look into real life. Just can’t please anybody lol

  16. Oh Yes Ma’am this my girl already she’s SICKENING! I want her on my team! Love her :)

  17. Agreed with @Misunderstood lol. I def like Charlie’s style! found her blog a while ago n started following cuz I liked her looks

  18. She has great style, but there are definitely elements of her wardrobe I can do without, i.e. the Timbs. She could also benefit from wearing better shoes overall. I love the sequined skirt and top and the leather shorts. I wonder how old she is…

  19. Lovin’ Charlie and also co-sign with MissUnderstood. I agree there’s a mis-fit of the sequined skirt, but I like her shoe game and that hair cut is the truth. She’s got confidence and swag…a hard combo to pull.

  20. Claire u beat me to it! ‘Cause i was wondering the same thing! She got my vote for the t shirts alone! I NEED that Yeezy Taught Me tee! And I’ve been eyeing a couple of the Grace Jones tees on eBay:) I like her style.

  21. She is amazing. I love how unique her style is, and have been following her blog for awhile now.Congrats Charlie, wish you luck in your career and all you do.

  22. I LOVE her style! She definitely has defined what style describes all aspects of her & has managed to keep her look current yet timeless. Great pick!

  23. @ Desi!!! Yes! I wish I could submit my pics, but I can’t. It’s alot of Coporate women out here who are killing the game, and not in those damn Lita JC shoes..Is hard to express your individual personality in this soul sucking white collar world..I’m stuck wearing a wig bc I won’t dye my hair! Would love to see more bombshells who get that salary money!

  24. These looks, look good on her. Don’t think I could pull most of them off (at all) but I appreciate her style. I’m not big on trends and I love different. She looks different!

  25. I love anyone whose style fits them. she looks awesome. so laid back and subtlely glam. thumbs up honey.

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