I always like to feature at least one guy a week, and today’s Bomber Dayne from North Carolina made the cut:

He says, “I’m a 21-year-old college student and an English major/ Entrepreneurship minor in the field of fashion writing.”

“… I always incorporate accessories in every outfit, most noted is my Hermes scarves which I rock tied different ways almost daily!”

“My sister Diva & I have our own accessories line, ALL$TARR APPAREL which has caught the eye of many artists, but most recently Rapper Rye Rye!!”

” I get complimented on my style because I do what feels authentic — I never hop on the wave of trends, however if I had to pick one style influence it would definitely be MR. KANYE WEST!!! “

I think it’s important to show that men can be fashionable & chic just as much as ladies considering men’s fashion can often be very mundane, particularly when it comes to black men.”

I can totally see the Kanye West influence. What say you?

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of male Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to th************@gm***.com.

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62 thoughts on “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Dayne from North Carolina”

  1. Sorry buddy…the addition of a turban does not equal fashion. Try again, and with a different pair of shorts. You’re welcome!

  2. I’m not impressed because all of his outfits look the same: either jeans and a t-shirt or shorts with a blazer/cardigan. Throwing in ONE designer piece doesn’t make you stylish. I think he has more to learn fashion wise. Just my two cents….

  3. His style could be more diversed, but I get where he was trying to go with it. Kudos for the effort.

  4. Does he have a conk? Is that the reason why this man is rocking a scarf on his head constantly? Honestly the 1st two pics r cool, nothing to write home about but you can’t go wrong with a simple tee, some disressed denim, and some boots..I see where he is trying to go, and there is potential but not everything is for everyone including the crossing of his legs in the pics..loose the scarves, keep ur swag and maintain that confidence..

  5. I can appreciate a man being aware of fashion and at least trying to put himself together accordingly. I wouldnt say that his style is hideous, however it does not move me much.
    On another note I do love the name Dayne.

  6. Nope!! There is nothing fashionable about this dude, an Aunt Jemiama(sp) scarf and plain T’s with dickie shorts….oh please spare me he’s boring!!

  7. I totally would want to be friends with him I think we would vibe well I like how Dayne’s style is simple but with a edge sometimes you don’t need alot to get your point across but I do I want him to turn it up a bit more actually overall he’s dope to me! #YEEZYTAUGHTME!

  8. So let me say this…I initially wanted to put “better luck next time” but I was like he might read this and I don’t want him to feel bad- so I put some hits and misses and BAM- you guys went in…52%….WOW

  9. I think he’s so simple, yet if you see his little details, it becomes a really great outfit. I love the game with the scarf, really. I don’t need guys to wear tuxedos all the time or those goddamn nerdglasses! This is one of the first guy bombers i really love. Dayne looks like a real man and i think he’s HOT!

  10. I guess he’s reppin the thug couture, but I’ll have to pass on this one.

    Claire, since it’s coming up to Halloween perhaps you could do some scary Fashion Bombs ..lol

  11. Starla I Love your comment ^^^ and I won’t necessarily call him a “fashion bomber” but if he likes it let him rock…

  12. Yall made me lol so loud and I thank you for that :-)

    Claire maybe u should let Dayne submit a few other pics to illustrate his style bc it is not coming across in these pics

  13. I am baffled. Where is the fashion? Is it the turban thingee? All I see is regular and nothing particularly fashionable

  14. WTF…I usually try to find at least ONE nice thing to say about a Bomber/Bombshell but with this…sorry I can’t=/

  15. I can’t even describe how much I love his boots.

    The scarves don’t do the trick for me, but to each his own. I think all the outfits are great minus the scarves, and I love to see a man wearing shorts that actually fit. Not too big or too small. He has a great shape, too. Very masculine.

    The proportion play is awesome, as well.

  16. like this must be FASHION SATIRE!!!!!!! Women please submit your boyfriends/Male Friends … I so want to submit mine but he wont allow me :( … I showed him a fella from few weeks back (the guy with my coffeisbrown blog Something like that). But he thinks this site for gay men and women

  17. sorry but the scarves gotta go! especially the turban style. other than that, everything is fine.

  18. I am sorry, but those headwraps are just a no go….no no no….Not feeling this @ all. On to the next one please.

  19. I’m not impressed. In other words, I basically hate it. He’s got a big stature. He doesn’t look like a tiny little 5’7 140 lb boy who can prance around in loafers and a blazer. This style does not fit his size. Period.

    And oooooo child! If he doesn’t take that watch OFF! He probably has a tan from wearing it.

  20. yall are so wrong, I read these comments some of yall should be shame of yourselves
    but sorry not my cup of tea

  21. yall are so wrong, I read these comments some of yall should be shame of yourselves
    but sorry not my cup of tea
    better luck next time

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