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Excuse the egregiously late Bombshell. As many of you were aware, the site was down for most of the day….and I’ve been out at Fashion Week. But don’t fret, I think AJ from London was worth the wait:

She says, “My sense of style is classy meets glamour…”

“…with a slight edge.”

“I live in African print clothing.”

“For more on me, check out my blog, www.myafricancloset.wordpress.com.”
I love, love, love, all your colors and how your switch it up! Absolutely lovely. What did you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to th************@gm***.com.

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67 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : AJ from London”

  1. w.e.r.k.!
    if only i had your fierceness, i wouldnt dare dress this way because i can be such a mouse.

    i am trying to come out of my shell. and honey, you are an inspiration. yes gawd!

  2. Stop the Press! Can i have that matchy matchy shoe and turban…before anybody else asks!

    I LOVE YOUR STYLE! The color, the prints, the fedora, the plaid purple maxi for gawd’s sake. Go on, girl!

  3. Lol and smh simultaneously. NO, this whole dressing like a clown means I’m edgy craziness has got to stop. Cute individual pieces. That’s all

  4. My only suggestion would be some makeup, colorful earrings or something to brighten up her face.

  5. I absolutely love this! This is the kind of woman you love to see walking into work or in the neighborhood, so you can see what she’s wearing! I need to do more with my African pieces, lol.

  6. I think her style is more, tribal meets Western. There’s tribal (kente cloth/African) print in every look. Not knocking it. I actually love African fabrics. But maybe she could be a little more subtle.

  7. The ensemble of the red printed jacket with the black maxi dress is giving me all sorts of life. In all directions. :-)

  8. I actually stumbled upon her blog a couple of days ago!!! I was thinking to myself this is such a bombshell, her looks are very diverse! I love love luuuurve it!!! Work it mama!

  9. AJ from London is giving me LIFE in these looks! Although her style is a million miles away from my style, true fashion is always noticeable no matter what it is. I love the prints, the color, the shoes, she understands classic pieces and knows how to mix them to perfection. This bombshell better werrrkkkk honey. Kudos Claire!

  10. LOVE IT! I love the mixture of patterns and colors. And I absolutely LOVE the bold colors against her skin…goooorrr-jus. Great bombshell!

  11. Awww, thank you guys all so much for the love. All your comments and critiques are appreciated. And thanks for the feature Claire

  12. I like her print mixing. Where can I get some african printed clothes in the USA? PS..I am not in NY/LA or a big city.

    Thank You!

  13. from one african girl to another…YES AJ…YES.
    what i like about this is that it is not trite…this is HER (or so i am assuming because she looks sooo natural in it, it is not forced)
    and ive never seen it BEFORE. its…inspired!

    get it girl.
    (goes and grabs my wrappa and caba…lol)

  14. Finally, a true Fashion Bombshell! This is what style is all about. It’s not about the latest Louboutins or Chloe bag. It’s your unique personal take on fashion. Her mixture of prints and colors are brilliant. I am living for her turban and printed wedges ensemble.

  15. Can we talk about the tailored suit with the hat and the tie?!?!?! And the white knee socks with the nude pump…HFIEJDNVJBFJVAOKDIFNLS!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

    And, that bold red lip next to her perfect skin is a fashion photographer’s dream! AJ, you better GO, girl!

  16. @let me know pls. AJ runs an online clothing store and that’s where most of her African pieces come from. They offer international shipping. check them out at cjaj09.com.

  17. The UK always has this knack for originality. It’s so trendy and mass produced here in the states. She inspires me to take more risks…BEAUTIFUL

  18. Your ensemble with the black maxiskirt is AMAZINGLY beautiful. I love how you can put clothes/different prints/different cultures together. You look very confident and have real style!

  19. LOVE her style! she is a true explosion of color. at least she’s not rockin’ the same tired ass high waisted shorts that everyone has been coping lately.

  20. Yes, this girl has her own style and it works. She’s one of the darkest, closest to African sisters on this site but there is absoulutely nothing ghetto/soulful about her. Some of you overweight, unstylish and ghetto black women should be ashamed.

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