Happy Fashion Week!

Today I had a handful of shows on my plate, including BCBG Max Azria:

For the big day I decided to go with my tried and true formula of sass + class in a BCBG Max Azria black long sleeve dress, vintage white jacket, and YSL Tribtoo Platform Pumps:

I threw my Ipad, wallet, and lip gloss into a large snakeskin purse by Cashhimi (www.cashhimi.com) and shielded the rays with Super sunglasses from Blake Scotland (www.blakescotland.com; 62 Clinton Street):

I added a fun necklace from H&M and an Iso ring by AG (copped it on Etsy here).

After twirling for the cameras I dealt with the very real problem of the site being down. Sigh. I did my best to resolve the issue on my Ipad and Iphone.

Don’t I look frustrated? Haha, at any rate, it all worked out in the end. The site is back up to speed. All’s well that ends well.

That does it! What do you think of my Style Diary for Day 1 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

Photos by Marta McAdams.

My outfit: Dress, BCBG. Necklace, H&M. Ring by AG. Super Sunnies from Blake Scotland. Purse by Cashhimi. Shoes, YSL. Lipstick, Violetta by MAC. IPad case, Diane von Furstenberg.



72 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2012 Fashion Week Day 1”

  1. That first pic speaks volumes! Love the third to last pic, as well. Looking forward to the rest of your looks :)

  2. I adore your lip color Claire!! you do look uber fab. And I’m finna stalk you for those YSL too, LOL

  3. You look GORGEOUS. Love the simple but tailored look and your lipstick. You also have the most gorgeous complexion! Looking good…can’t wait to see Day 2! *snaps*

  4. FIERCE!! I love how your our outfit looks so effortless and everything complements you and each well. AND those legs?!?!…on the way to gym…for reals.

  5. Everyone pretty much summed it up. You look like the Bomb Diggidy. Claire you look flawless. I love your look. Simple, classy and sexy.

  6. What lipstick are you wearing??? It is the PERFECT shade of purple I have been searching high and low for!

  7. CLAIRE. that first pic? YOU BESTA WERK!!!!! lol. had to get to throw some ghettology in there. AWESOME photo. You look great :-)

  8. Idk about you but Claire I need your workout regimen asap!! I meant to comment on the hottest that are your legs when you were in Essence last month :)

  9. You look fab and you’re working those Trib Toos! The real question is are the comfortable? My mom keeps trying to convince me to splurge on a pair instead of 50 pair of lesser expensive shoes each year, but I’m not convinced of the comfort level.

  10. Hey Hey ! Back from Fashion’s Night out. Had a great time.
    OK, to answer a few questions:
    @Kae the Ipad case is DVF. Love. it.
    @Star I’m going for purple for fall. The color is called Violetta by MAC.
    @Sun.Kissed I am convinced comfortable heels do not exist. Even wedges work your soles at the end of a long day. What I can say is that the Tribtoos have replaced my Louboutins from last season….and the YSL’s are a lot more comfortable. But while I could literally barely walk in my Louboutins, I can get along for a couple hours in the YSL’s. In terms of pain, the Loubies were a 10 and the YSL’s are a 6. Wedge heels would score a bit lower and flats would be at 1. My most comfortable heels are my Stuart Weitzman shoes, though they’re not as dramatic in terms of the heels + platform. xx

  11. You look great and boy would I kill for those legs.

    SN thanks for resolving the sites issues I needed my daily dose of FB.

  12. OMG I loveddddddddddddddddddddd Violetta but since I cant get it anymore I have to wear Up the Amp.

  13. Claire… your legs are sick! Are you still doing the 15 minute workouts in manhattan??? what are they called again??? And the ensemble is fab as well… and your hair looks great in an updo! Work!

  14. Claire…Girl… I need to really work on my legs big time. You inspire me so much. Your Style Diary is one of my favorite features on here. Keep them coming. Love the ensemble.

  15. Girl your legs!! OMG. Love the outfit. I tried to get on fashionbombdaily yesterday…Im so glad its back up and running!!


  16. Claire you should do a post on your workout routine and what u wear. Ur body is banging girl! I love it! Keep up the good work!

  17. I am trying very hard NOT to be jealous but am SOOOO jealous that you own YSL Tribtoos since those are my dream shoes lol. AHHH one day when my blog makes it bigger :)
    Great post Claire and you look classic and chic! Enjoy Fashion Week


  18. Legs outshine the clothes, which are also HAWT btw! I’m definitely stepping my elliptical game up!!

  19. Claire…you look FIERCE! I love your earrings…can you please share the details? Thanks so much. Style Diary is my favorite!

  20. I wish you wore your hair differently and no necklace :(
    but your dress was gorg and your shoes are my rent money lools <3

  21. Well DONE! You look classy,sassy, and posh plus your legs are gorgeous but if not enough . Were gorgeously accented by some high priced Yves Saint Laurent pumps Fab just Fab

  22. Killing you with dem LEGS better yet them thighs, gurrrrl

    you are werking the hell outta that dress

    i would be snapping my fingers all up in everybody face if i looked like that

    *runs of do repeat squats and lunges, bye!*

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