Today we’ve got a British import! Check out Olivia’s style:
olivia from london
She says, “ Over the Last 3 years as a fashion blogger my style has evolved and grown.”

6  olivia from london
” My style is classic…”

2  olivia from london
“… sexy…”
olivia from london 2

“….with a lot of sass.”
0  olivia from london
“I love clean cuts and fitting pieces that compliment my shape.”

8  olivia from london
” When I wear wake up to get dressed for the day, it’s important for me to feel comfortable but sexy…”

olivia from london
“…so I go along with how I feel.”

3  olivia from london

Love it! Give me that black and gray faux fur coat! And way to wear those leather jogging pants in many different ways. I love it.
See more on Instagram @Olivia_gold and on her Tumblr
What do you think?

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55 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Olivia from London”

  1. Wow, she is really beautiful. I love all of her outfits. I especially love the garden picture…

  2. DEAD @ my style is “classic.” People should really stop describing their style. Just let the clothes speak for themselves.

  3. Faux fur and sandals. *blink*

    Sweetie, your style is not “classic”.

    You are the poor man’s version of Rihanna with only one pair of faux leather joggers and one pair of minimalist heels.

    The only thing I saw here that was even worth a second glance was the cream maxi skirt combo.

  4. And please size your shoes a half size up. Nobody like to see claw toes hanging over the front of your shoes.

  5. She’s indeed stylish. Well thought outfits and she looks polished. But there’s nothing new, never seen before. And no, nothing classic about her style. It is very trendy. Ivanka Trump for instance dresses wear her current clothes. On the contrary you, you could not. Nothing bad about it but you should use different adjective to define your style. But good job overall.

  6. Oops * Ivanka Trump for instance dresses very classic and could wear her current clothes in 5 years

  7. Poor’s man Rihanna??? You bishes kill me. Yes her look is current.. but she looks good. Your body is amazing. . Are you a dancer? And I don’t mean stripper.

  8. I like her style !!! It’s a WHOLE lot of miserable azz ppl out here. Honestly, to tear someone apart because your don’t like there style is repulsive. Smh, the luxury of hiding behind a keyboard. Anyways kudos to you darling !

  9. @ Steph, well good afternoon to you too… We need to all do better in the coming year, you can give advice without being condescending…
    We stay tearing each other down.
    She definitely had some cute looks! Good job…


  11. I love how the most criticism comes from those with NO pictures or NO links to their personal blogs. Ease off Steph…

  12. i agree @ bebe, there is no denying this girl has a eye to put things together nicely. she looks on trend and is very pretty. people need to stop hiding behind keyboards, it’s sad, if you don’t like it keep scrolling, no need to be mean for no reason, just my opinion, but good job olivia!

  13. Loving her looks and shape. Honestly, when you find the minimalist shoes, top or pants that work – WORK IT. I have no complaints here!

  14. SHUT THE F**K UP FOREVER… TROLL! @Anonymous says:
    October 7, 2013 at 3:58 pm

  15. @anonymous how dare you?… “She too dark”?.. please take your niggerish ideologies to a corner and have a seat. Anyway her style is cute no complaints here.

  16. Why she keep touching her hair? I notice that alot of instagram, the pout their hair or something. Is that the new duck face pic?

  17. I LOVE her style and the photo quality. Yes she wore her pants more than once but that is the true definition of style..being able to transform one piece in a multitude of ways. She may not be classic but she’s a bombshell for damn sure. She sexy without being over the top and effortlessly chic.

  18. I’m sorry, but “Anonymous” needs to stay just that…She’s too DARK?!! WTH?!

    We are to comment on her fashion, not on her skin tone which is BEAUTIFUL by the way! What the hell do you look like?

    Ignorant MF’s come on this site sometime, jeez.

  19. And I mean “ANONYMOUS” who commented today, October 7, at 3:58pm!

    RUDE! Ban these trolls Claire!

  20. With regards to the ‘she’s too dark’ comment, all I have to say is this: Education is free. There is no excuse for such stupidity.

    Anyway, you are beautiful inside and out, Olivia!

  21. Taste is subjective! Not everyone is going to like the same things and yes you are entitled to your opinions. However, you should be able to put your point across without being so belligerent. There is a thing called constructive criticism and if you can’t exercise that then DO NOT bother saying anything at all. Stop being rude and bullies behind your screens and go teach yourselves a thing or two about manners!
    There’s nothing classy about hate!

    Olivia, you’re winning! Ignore this hate and keep up the work :)

  22. I blame instagram for these girls always taking pics with their fingers in their hair or looking down toward thei shoes.. Hate that ish..

  23. LOL @ Anonymous at 5:32PM. You are so right…IG modeling 101.

    I like this girl. I have leather track pants that I have only worn once and I got some cute ideas from this post. Werk girl!

  24. I don;t mind her style, but I guess I’m just disappointment, nothing really creative here. I have seen so many girls rocking the same thing in the same style. Where is creativity and self expression now a days.

  25. HAWTNESS!!! there is no denying, this lady is a bombshell! I need a pair of those leather joggers badly!

  26. @Stpeph What’s wrong with only having one pair of minimalist heels if she wears them well??

  27. Her style is absolutely NOT classic. It is very trendy but there is nothing wrong with that. She pretty much wear what is in style.

    I am waiting for the day that a trendsetter will come along as a bombshell. She is a cute girl but I’ve seen this all before.

  28. I think you just have to comment on her style and not criticize her for having one pair of jogging pants or her skin colour what nonsense is that??!! @Steph and @Anonymous go get educated elsewhere. If you think you have what it takes to be a bombshell why don’t u just send your pics so we can see them??!!! Shame…Olivia girl you look great, I vote bombshell for sure!!!

  29. I HATE how every trendy or fashionable bombshell is compared to Rihanna. Jesus. You would think that Rihanna actually INVENTED the thread and needle, smh. As far as this young woman is concerned, I like her style. She is very on trend, and it works for her. Also, someone pointed out that she wore the same pair of pants in 3 pictures and to that I say, “oh well! She bought them!” Smh, I don’t know what to say about some of these comments.

  30. i like her outfits and beautiful girl with a bang’n body but she posing like her head itch in all the pictures lmao

  31. She has some great looks. She is fashionable. Love the camo & the faux leather track pants. Bombshell.

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