Today’s Bombshell is Keri from D.C.
The stylist and blogger for actually didn’t write a ton, nor did she submit a bunch of pictures!
keri from washington dc
She simply wrote, “ Vintage is my signature.”
00  keri from washington dc
On her website, she writes, “For as long as I can remember I’ve been telling people what to wear and giving fashion advice to anyone who would listen . And people have been coming to me to help them choose clothes and a style all my life.”
3  keri from washington dc

“I didn’t study fashion at school – I learned from shopping, sewing, magazines, and more shopping. My grandmother, aunts are all seamstresses so I kinda believe that Design and Fashion is engrafted in my DNA. I’ve brought thrift store pieces and made them the hit of every party right in my grandmother’s kitchen and aunts sewing room.”

0  keri from washington dc
” My mom’s 1st cousin does not buy clothes she makes everything she wears so as I began to decide which road to take in further education I knew I wanted to make a lasting impression on my family name & legacy. First to graduate college, 1st to open a business and carry on stitching life!”
0009  keri from washington dc
Well, there you have it! Um, I love it all! The colors, the patterns…simply fabulous!
It’s been a pretty good week for Bombshells so far, no?
What do you think?

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