Today’s Bombshell is Keri from D.C.
The stylist and blogger for actually didn’t write a ton, nor did she submit a bunch of pictures!
keri from washington dc
She simply wrote, “ Vintage is my signature.”
00  keri from washington dc
On her website, she writes, “For as long as I can remember I’ve been telling people what to wear and giving fashion advice to anyone who would listen . And people have been coming to me to help them choose clothes and a style all my life.”
3  keri from washington dc

“I didn’t study fashion at school – I learned from shopping, sewing, magazines, and more shopping. My grandmother, aunts are all seamstresses so I kinda believe that Design and Fashion is engrafted in my DNA. I’ve brought thrift store pieces and made them the hit of every party right in my grandmother’s kitchen and aunts sewing room.”

0  keri from washington dc
” My mom’s 1st cousin does not buy clothes she makes everything she wears so as I began to decide which road to take in further education I knew I wanted to make a lasting impression on my family name & legacy. First to graduate college, 1st to open a business and carry on stitching life!”
0009  keri from washington dc
Well, there you have it! Um, I love it all! The colors, the patterns…simply fabulous!
It’s been a pretty good week for Bombshells so far, no?
What do you think?

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53 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Keri from D.C.”

  1. I love her style. It’s age-appropriate, chic, classy and she mixes trendy and vintage perfectly. She is not trying to be a Rihanna or celebrity copycat like 80 % of the bombers posted. My only issue is some of her wigs (the “Nene Leakes” in particular: do not like). Overall, she’s fabulous.

  2. “Vintage is my signature” I love that description of her style and its so befitting.

    Her style is very fluent and the color palettes are equally gorgeous. Bravo!!!

  3. Over the top color from head to toe yet she controls it and makes it work for her. Fav Fit: 1st photo.

  4. Am I blind or are these comments only positive because Claire liked it? The second and third looks are wayyyy over the top and the fourth is what you’ll see on an average fashionable woman her age and the fifth is just so random. But thumbs up to the 1st!

  5. I don’t like this at all. A “tried hard but failed”. I’m surprised others liked it

  6. I love it! She definitely has a vintage flair and lots of “looks.” I hate that it has become so negative on here, when did it take a turn for the nasty?

  7. The clothing I like except the second photo. It’s too clownish/mariache band-ish for my taste.
    I would love more subtle/nude make-up since the styles are so bold.
    None of the hair styles are appealing. I would have loved to see her with a dark, sleek chignon with the gown.
    Overall, I appreciate the unique style choices.

  8. I liked the outfit with th floral jacket but the rest doesn’t work for me. The outfit with the purple top I did not like at all. The hair mad her forehead too big and green makeup made her look more alien along with it.

  9. I liked the outfit with th floral jacket but the rest doesn’t work for me. The outfit with the purple top I did not like at all. The hair made her forehead too big and green makeup made her look more alien along with it.

  10. She’s a pretty woman. A couple of the shots made her look like a tranny, outfit & makeup to dramatic. Just so over the top.

    But overall she has a good sense of style & fashion. Good job!

  11. Refreshing! I like her vintage style and the fact she doesn’t do those blogger ‘poses’.

  12. This is probably the first submission that I wasn’t sure what to vote. I’m not sure how I feel about her style so I didn’t vote at all…she’s not bad but I’m not blown away.

  13. @Noirre the “blogger poses” are God awful I so agree. Glad she didn’t do those goofy poses. Overall I love her style it’s fab.

  14. i liked look #1. some of the looks are a bit costumey- special occasionish?.. i would like to see more looks i think.

  15. For me, only photo 1 did it. The second outfit, something is not quite right. Maybe the shoes and the dress could have been modified, for example them sleeves, (as we say in St. Lucia, AWA.)3rd outfit was also , mehh!

    But she seems comfortable and confident which is always a plus.

  16. Some of her pieces are very nice but the shoe pairing isn’t right to me… The last look is flawless & the purple top and long beautiful skirt…. I also think her face is beat in the pink out fit…

  17. love the ‘Pretty in Pink’ pose in front of the blue door with graffiti. the pink is lovely with her blonde curls.
    so very fetch!

    & truly whats gaggin’ me is her versatility. she never looks the same twice for realz.

    i mean Keri is like a modern-day Mata Hari. i bet they couldn’t catch her fleeing the scene. too much! Lol ;-D

  18. She deserves her own category. She doesn’t qualify as a fashion bomb but more of a style bomb. Everyone can do fashion, style is on a whole other level.

  19. I like many of us are on the fence this week.

    I’m not in love with the second picture at all. Her hair and makeup was extremely jarring in the third picture. I do like the first and last one though.

    So… yes I said all of that to say I’m not voting.

  20. Not really a fan. I appreciate the bold colors – I personally LIVE for brights but this seems too excessive. Love the first look – it was daring to mix those prints but it works. What’s with the pink on pink in the second? The third is trying too hard and not enough at the same time. The fourth one is cute – but for some reason makes her look like she’s in her 40s and I’m assuming she’s not yet? The last one is cute but also looks a bit more costumey than everyday wear- was she at a theme party?

    N where are her shoes? We can barely see them in these pics

  21. Her hair is everything. I love how its different in almost every shot. Versatality is hair is often overlooked in FB submissions.

  22. I am not a fan. I have seen more of her looks on fb and on her blog. She looks like she tries too hard, her lace fronts are always hideous. And her makeup is drag queen-esque. Thing is, she is a beautiful woman, she does not need all that makeup caked on and those eyebrows, OY VEY!!! Typical church girl doing WAY too much. Style is chic and effortless, I don’t see that here. I do like the floral blazer ensemble, but the rest of this collection is overdone and clownish. Definitely NOT a bombshell.

  23. KD, Style bomb – I like that. I’m not necessarily a fan of the particular items of clothing that she chose but I like that they are unique and she wears them like they were made for her. Very stylish, indeed.

  24. Finally! a real bombshell. She is beyond fabulous, and I absolutely love her style. It’s unique, fun, and vibrant. I’m not a big wig fan, but she pulls it off nicely.

  25. I’m not trying to be mean–sincerely. What’s with all the thick, theatrical make-up? It reads drag queen. No like.

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