Today’s Bombshell is a NY/NJ girl! See what Erica submitted:
erica from new york new jersey
She says, “[My style is] Urban Africana / Retro Chic.”
Erica from New York : New Jersey
” I am Nigerian, but I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD before moving up to the Tri-State area 8 years ago.”

2 Erica from New York : New Jersey
” I’m a jewelry designer and video host– so accessories play a HUGE part in my style and outfit choices. Things that influence my style most are: 1) I’m a hardcore commuting cyclist (so I always want to be cute, but I also have to be comfortable depending on what my tasks are for the day) and 2) I almost exclusively wear my own jewelry line, QuÉrica Jewelry by Erica Lasan ( ”

3 Erica from New York : New Jersey
“I LOVE old clothes, colors and prints, and cutting up/altering T-Shirts — they just make my outfits so much happier!”

9 0 Erica from New York : New Jersey
” I feel like vintage clothing tells a story, not only about the period in time in which they were worn, but also a little bit about the person who originally and wore them.”

9 Erica from New York : New Jersey
” I score a lot of my favorite vintage finds from stuff my mom and dad have kept over the years.”
09 Erica from New York : New Jersey
” They have such great taste and it reflects a bit of both the Nigerian and American cultures that I’ve been raised in.”

4 Erica from New York : New Jersey
” I love putting together new and individualistic takes on original retro trends.”

Erica from New York : New Jersey
“Because I love style, accessories, biking, and conducting video interviews so much I decided to mash all of my loves into one and created a style web-series called “QuÉrica Fashion PediCAB.” ”

6 Erica from New York : New Jersey
” On Fashion PediCAB I hit the streets of NY in my pedicab and interview random NYC Citizens about themselves and their style– all while promoting my jewelry line! Episodes can be viewed on my channel ( ”

Hot! I love your dressier looks the most, particularly your pink and blue two piece set.
What do you think of Erica’s style?

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