Have you ever stumbled across a personal style blog that captures the true essence of individuality? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why haven’t I heard of this blog?” or “How could I not know this person?” Well, you know what? Stress no more – these types of questions have given way for a new feature I’d like to call the Bomb Blogger.




Bomb Bloggers are those who encompass and execute their own style to the highest degree. Based upon the lines of self-expression and mere talent, Bomb Bloggers articulate fashion in ways others simply cannot. Bomb Bloggers stand out and they never cease to make their presence known.




Not to be confused with the iconic Fashion Bombshell/Bomber of the Day, this feature is solely set aside for bloggers. It is my only hope that you, the Fashion Bomb Reader, have access to fresh up-and-comers while taking away a large amount of inspiration.



To start things off, we have a taste of Texas. Diamond Janae, a resident of Dallas, is the first Bomb Blogger to be featured. Her style is nothing short of unique coupled with a splash of vintage charm, bold colors and enviable accessories.



I ran across her blog due to a period of random web browsing and was taken back. From the breathtaking photography to her statement making (lilac) hair, Diamond Janae is a force to be reckoned with. The girl serves. Point blank.


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Check out her blog at www.DiamondJanae.com to learn more. If the blog doesn’t do her justice, try her IG @diamondmahone.

So, what do you think of today’s introductory Bomb Blogger? Feeling inspired?  Which look is your favorite?

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Signing Off — Intern 9




59 thoughts on “Bomb Blogger: Diamond Janae”

  1. I love the bomb blogger feature, it really gives the spotlight to great undiscovered bloggers!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yesss! Her style is everything. Intern 9 fantastic job! Maybe in this feature you can touch on beauty bloggers as well to more differentiate from the fashion bomb feature. Kudos!

  3. What a great addition to the site. I am ALWAYS looking for great Black bloggers who have genuine style. I love this chic. She always, always, always slays. I discovered her on Pinterest.

    My only critique would be to be to tighten up the writing. There was some really shaky moments in this write up, but a great start none the less.

  4. Indeed, nice feature idea, “Intern 9.” Like this blogger more for her lipstick/makeup choices and her fabulous photographer

  5. She’s def a bomb blogger! Makes me want to leave the office and run to NYSC to work on my core lol

    LOVE this feature, Intern 9!! Especially since I am fairly new blogger!

  6. She’s fly as fck! You can’t be a fashion lover and hate on her steeze….cannot be done.

  7. So Intern 9, you gonna just drop the mic and be out? lol. Loved this! #KeepOnKeepingOn

  8. Yes Hunty… I’m here for it!!!! Love the name of the feature and the bomb blogger that was chosen… Intern 10 you got my vote thus far!!!

  9. Good Job intern! Diamond Janae is in my city and I’m very proud. She is representing for the triple D….keep it up D. Janae!

  10. Wow, I love her style! I am always looking for new blogs to follow and I am following her now, thanks FBD!

  11. Diamond, is fierce to the fashion world. She was born as fashion nerd.Keep putting your creativity and talents to reflect who you are and your passion.

  12. She is the bomb.com!!! I love her unique style! The bold bright colors are a great compliment to her gorgeous skin tone!!!

  13. Intern 9 is hands down my favorite blogger! Seriously! I’m going to follow Diamond Janae btw. But the fact that you created a segment that allows a popular to blog to SUPPORT other up and coming bloggers? Bravo! Yoy have proven that it’s about supporting others. Plus you right professionally, yet personally as well. I love it. Perfection. I hope you are chosen. Seriously.

  14. I love FBD!!

    You all keep the latest Fashion Bombers!!
    giving me great fashion inspiration!!!

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