Today’s Fashion Bomber is 2nd timer, Jean from Dallas, Texas:
1 Jean from Dallas
He writes, “This is the plainvillegent once again!”
2 Jean from Dallas
“I have been a fashion bomber before and really wanted to show off my different and new styles!!!”

3 Jean from Dallas
“A lot has happened since the last time I was a fashion bomber including a change of hairstyle.”

4 Jean from Dallas

“There will be a lot more to come as well so stay tuned to the fashion blogger from Dallas Texas.”

5 Jean from Dallas
“Haitian and Proud!!!!”

6 Jean from Dallas
“You can follow me on Instagram @theplainvillegent and check out my site for more!!!”

Jean from Dallas
Represent my Haitian brother! Looking very dapper. Boom!
See more on Instagram @theplainvillegent and on his website,
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