Hey Fashion Bombers!
Settle in for installment 2 of Fashion Bomb TV: Real Tent Style.
Fashion Week attendees increasingly show that high and low end items can come together for a surprisingly sophisticated look:

PS Mr. Smith, e-mail me so everyone can know where to find your stunning collection!!
Update! LaQuan got in touch! Check him out on myspace at www.myspace.com/laqueuefashions88. He’s FIERCE!

10 thoughts on “Fashion Bomb TV: Real Tent Style Part 2”

  1. I love these installments. You are really selling me on this little video Camera! I might have to beg for one for Christmas. I am not a “tech-y” though. Fab JOB!

    Sometimes the “real style” is even better than the runway looks!

  2. Claire…I am so proud of your mention in the magazine!!! Kudos to you. Can you please please please come to DC…I will be there FRONT and CENTER!

  3. I soooooooooo want that channel bag Claire you just dont know! the last girl’s outfit was pretty cute!…congrats on the upscale shout out…Claire I keep telling you your going to be on TV soon!

  4. You have to have a meet & greet in Boston !! You have so many fans here – I even got my co-worker onto your blog !

  5. actually LaQue also had an outfit that Aubrey and Jaslene have worn on the redcarpet
    you should do a special on him about upcoming designers. dont sleep on him! i’ve been a fan of him for a while now!

  6. I was bit disappointed in your choice or “real style.” I felt like you were only looking for people of color rather than people with actual style. While none of them looked bad but none of them had on anything to talk about (except maybe LaQ).
    However I do enjoy watching the video clips so I hope to see better in the future.

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