*While I hit up the Russell Simmons and Betsey Johnson afterparties last night, seems Andre Leon Talley was hosting an event for Jennifer Hudson. A few pics:


I must say, Jennifer looks ravishing in red.
*Speaking of JHud, she’s on the cover of Upscale Magazine’s September/October Issue:
…which happens to have a little article on the Fashion Bomb on Page 63!!!

Click to enlarge
It says, “Aside from providing the latest style trends and stories, [the Fashion Bomb] also takes readers on virtual journeys to events like the renowned New York Fashion Week…” Who Me?!?
Pick up your copy of Upscale today!
*And it seems designers are reacting in interesting ways in regards to the ‘Black Model Issue” with some like Sophie Theallet using all black models…
..to others like Betsey Johnson using just one:
Why the extremes? Can’t the runways simply reflect your average New York city street? We’ve got a little bit of everything!

2 thoughts on “ALT Hosts JHud Dinner + The Fashion Bomb in Upscale Magazine!!”

  1. wow. I dont know if i hate or love Victoria’s new hair cut. Ill give myself some time to get used to it

  2. I agree with your comment about why designers can't just mix up the models and show the variety of people that can be found in any typical urban city.

    However, from a purely aesthetic point, I agree with Sophie Theallet's comments about why she chose all black models. "I was thinking about colors, & they look amazing on dark skin, so it came naturally." Her collection looked stunning on the models.

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