So we at Fashion Bomb Daily are GOD fearing people, and regularly watch Bishop TD Jakes sermons for the good word (if you don’t watch the Potter’s House on Youtube, click here. You’re missing out!).

In between learning the word of the Lord, we couldn’t help but notice that Bishop Jakes has a penchant for style! Bishop has worn everything from your typical suits to satin Off-White shirts, and even a little Fendi and Versace!

Take a look at some of our favorite TD Jakes ensembles:

@ KathyTranx

He most recently posted a belated birthday flick, wearing a jersey, sneakers, and $655 Robin’s Moto Jeans with Quilted knees.

For his Bother Me Sermon, he wore a $925 Off White shirt.

It went on sale for $693 before it sold out.

A Versace baroque polo was his choice for one Sunday Sermon.

And few of us could forget this color coordinated ensemble, where First Lady Serita Jakes stunned in a Fendi dress, while Bishop posted in a navy and gold suit.

Bishop Jakes is successful, not just from preaching from also selling books and public appearances. If he loves style, why can’t he express himself?

We are here for it!

What say you?