Wondering about that black Goyard case? A little fashion history care of the website CoolHunting.com:


“The French have enjoyed leather goods from Maison Goyard since 1853. Known for quality, endurance and classic style more than bowing to the trends of the day, Goyard has been a fixture of the French luxury good scene for a long time. Today Goyard is as exclusive and chic as ever thanks to the fashion crowd that has rediscovered its charms. The unique linen, cotton and hemp canvas is covered in hand-painted dots in four colors and is nearly indestructable. Wallets and card cases for guys, bags and accessories for women and collars and dog accessories for the fashionable [pets] in your life. Bags start above $1,000. Available in the U.S. exclusively at Barney’s New York; in Paris at Maison Goyard (and only a handful of other locations around the world).

One thought on “Fashion Bomb 101: Goyard Bags”

  1. I am so happy you are posting something on Goyard, one of my favorite brands on Earth! They are extremely exclusive and this is what I love about them!

    I discovered recently that Goyard has its only other free-standing boutique(apart from the one in Paris) in the US! It is located in San Francisco!

    I already ordered by phone and the staff is extremely friendly. I am impatient to go there and discover the boutique! Must be as magical as the Paris one!

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