Kanye West is in the news as he and his fashionable gang are making appearances in shows all over Paris


I’m a fashion junkie (obvs), so I’m loving the three finger rings, eighties shades, and Goyard cases. But what do you think? Hot or Hmm...?
Bonus: A message from Mr. West

Martin Louis the King Jr?? Hmm, I think someone has lost their marbles and replaced them with overpriced accessories…at least he looks fly!

16 thoughts on “Hot! Or Hmm…:Kanye West and Friends”

  1. i loves me some kanye, and the college dropout will remain one of my all time favourite hip hop albums… but he has lost his darn mind. le big sigh.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Underneath all that musical genius is some serious mental instability.

  3. yeah um… the shoes are hott but his arrogance certainly is not. I prey kanye can go back to his college drop out days

  4. the college drop-out is one of my favs too…BUT
    if this was an average person on the street acting like this…I would be forced to drop kick him..
    anywho- I do love me some Kanye, maybe he would like to share some of my humble pie.

  5. 1. Kanye needs to step away from the anger/arrogance/absolute foolishness and run for the Prozac.

    2. Whoever that is standing to his right needs to stop. Mr. man standing to ‘Ye’s right… Youaretheweakestlink,goodbye.

  6. I’m just trippin’ on the flashback the MCM gear has triggered for me. Wow….1987….good times. That said, if my sweetie ever thought about heading out with me in this mess, there would be a sit-down chat and makeover involved. Pronto!

  7. their clothes doesn’t seem effortless it looks like they all held a meeting and was like “I’m wearing my pink pocket square so you wear your sequence hat” I hate it they look like a singing group

  8. To me, Kanye can (almost) do no wrong. I love his music and while I’m not feeling the black man’s mullet, I think it’s refreshing when men step outside the box when it’s so easy for people to clown on them for looking anything outside the norm.

  9. I believe that style comes effortlessly, kanye screams “Look @ me” …that’s never a good look

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