Let’s go crazy for fashion Bombers and Bombshells! Who’s addicted to fashion? Raise your hand!!!! We stand tall and proud as fellow fashion lovers! What style statements have you worn this week? Tag us using the hashtag #fashionbombdaily we would love to see your creative inspirations! Our infatuation with Fashion Nova is definitely part of the trend frenzy in the culture. We can’t help but to follow!

We love the way Emily B., fashion stylist and wife to Hiphop rapper Fabolous styled her latest look from http://www.fashionova.com. Emily wore a white tee shirt from the brand with the couture vibed statement “I make shoe contact before eye contact,” written in bold pink letters. She casually glammed down her outfit in black http://www.offwhite.com sneakers with white detailed laces & hints pink accents, then black leggings. Her outfits dressy or casual are always high style. Get the a similar look now on http://www.fashionova.com.