Do you feel like your wardrobe needs a little something new? Find your style by checking out these wonderful sources of fashion inspiration.

Open your wardrobe. Take a good look around, at your pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories… do they scream you? Does wearing them make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin?

If your answers are no and no, I’d something needs to change.

You need to find your own style and looking at some sources of fashion inspiration might make the process easier. Don’t know where to start? Well, I have six options for you!

1. Fashion Blogs

Yes, just like this one!

You’d go online if you wanted to learn how to cook a specific dish or how to say something in another language, wouldn’t you? Well, then why not do the same when you want some fashion tips?

2. Social Media

With the continuous rise of visual social platforms like Instagram and YouTube, many fashion lovers have started sharing their outfits and tips with the world.

Look for content creators whose sense of style you like and make sure to follow them so that you stay up-to-date with all the new trends.

3. Overseas

If you’ve traveled before, you know that what’s trendy changes a lot from country to country. Even from city to city!

So whether you’re on the Mediterranean cruise of your dreams, exploring a beautiful country of Southeast Asia, or walking through the streets of South America, look around you and get inspired.

4. Stores

Whether you prefer to shop online or go to a physical store, clothing shops are always updating their collections and making all the coolest garments available to the consumers.

90% of American fashion brands also have Instagram accounts, so you can even keep an eye on their products on there.

5. Your Lifestyle

Finding your style isn’t just about looking for inspiration around you. You also need to consider your lifestyle, hobbies, and preferences!

And this is also the part where I include that little piece of cliché fashion advice: style is subjective and you don’t need to follow any trends in order to look cool.

So look a piece of clothing and ask yourself, do you like it? Does it match your lifestyle? Awesome, into the wardrobe it goes!

6. Movies and TV Shows

Many people’s fashion style is inspired by their favorite TV or movie characters.

If you’ve always loved the clothes you see on a show, why not find a way of adapting them into your own style? This strategy can certainly make for a unique fashion sense!

Fashion Inspiration is Everywhere!

Ask a fashion aficionado how they get inspired to create their outfits, and you’ll get all sorts of different answers. From the ones we included in our list to things you’d never think of, like the pattern on a beautiful building or the colors of an awe-inspiring view.

Fashion inspiration is always around the corner. The secret is to keep an open mind and not be afraid of trying new things.

Do that and you’ll find your personal style in no time!

If you want to know more about fashion, you’ll find plenty of useful articles on my blog. Read on!