“Diamonds On My Neck, Di-diamonds On My Grill/Diamonds On My Neck, Di-diamonds On My Grill…”–Kelis, ‘Bossy’

So I’m back in NYC, back on the grind. Honestly, I’m exhausted. My ATL vacay was thrown for bit of a loop due to a minor/major car accident. The car’s totalled (I wasn’t driving, just sleeping in the back)! I’m fine, just a lil scratched up. The icing on the cake was when Delta airlines (still smokin) delayed my flight back home. Didn’t help I was seated in the midst of a group of obnoxious grown, drunk men on the plane. Unacceptable!
Anyway, again, enough about me! Wanted to tell y’all about this cool online diamond e-store that has very affordable starter studs for fashionistas on a budget called Abazias www.abazias.com.
Why Diamonds, you ask? Well, you may get pimped out in nice clothes, but wearing a pair of clear, light catching diamonds makes you shine in a way that few people can. Purely diamonds are of course an investment, but a cute pair of diamond studs go with anything. They work whether you’re dressed down in a jean jacket…

Kelis Wearing Diamonds

…glammed up for the red carpet in black tie frocks…

….as an understated elegant accent to a hot white suit…

…or the icing on top of a multicolored cake…

The great thing about Abazias ( www.abazias.com) is that it has plenty of starter options for diamond divas on a budget.
You can get these .1 carat round cut diamond studs for $84…

…or these .15 Princess Cut Studs…

…for $133.
You’d easily spend that on a pair of jeans! Abazias is safe, and has a 10 day return policy. Plus no sales tax and free shipping.
Check it out:)
PS Imposter alert! So fab reader Brianna was kind enough to alert me to a “website”/ “blog” titled “We Got Style” (www.wegotstyle.net). Well anyway, I clicked here and found that these “bloggers” straight up reproduced my posts on their site. I tried to e-mail, to no avail. What’s a girl to do? I mean imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but they couldn’t even disguise it??? Or ask?? Ridiculous!


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