“I Want To Love You (P.Y.T.)/ Pretty Young Thing/ You Need Some Lovin’ (T.L.C.)/ Tender Lovin’ Care/ And I’ll Take You There …”Michael Jackson, “P.Y.T. Pretty Young Thing”

Hey readers,
Happy almost 4th of July! Doesn’t it kinda suck that the 4th is in the middle of the week?!?! I feel like I should be getting the whole week off…just because. Anyway the infamous White Party I blogged about last week is tonight. I’m excited to see people doing white in a fabulous way.
Anyway if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you’d know that a few weeks ago I went shopping with my curvy BFF from Atlanta and had some problems finding flattering solutions. If you’ve been reading, you’d also know that one reader, Pretty Girl, responded almost violently saying that she doesn’t have a problem finding plus sized duds. Well Madame Pretty Girl e-mailed me with a few pictures of herself, along with some shopping advice.

She says, ” I didn’t think my comment would create such an issue but I want you to know that I wasn’t trying to get an attitude or anything. I have the weirdest figure, round belly, no hips or booty, and long legs. So believe me, some clothing is a complete HELL to the NO! But, when I go shopping I never come home empty handed, I always find what I need or want because I know what works with my figure and what doesn’t.”

“…I used to work at Macy’s and I couldn’t believe how many figure flattering pieces I found there, I still shop there especially during their sales and Christmas season. If you are on a budget then places like JCPenney (Bisou-Bisou line comes in plus sizes and is super stylish and affordable), Old Navy, Ashley Stewart, The Gap and Bitten (at Steve and Barry’s) by SJP are great options. If you can basically spend what you want on clothing then we big girls really have options. There’s Monif C, who is mostly know for her convertible dress that can be worn 22 different ways, Curvation by Queen Latifah, Size Appeal, Igigi, A-light, Kiyonna,
Curvety, Sosienna, and Torrid. You can find all these boutiques online and some have brick and mortar locations. I just wanted everyone to know that not ALL big girls have trouble finding clothes, I am living proof (as well as my mom).”

Alright, Pretty Girl. Thanks for your e-mail:) She mentioned a few lines I haven’t heard of, like A-light, Kiyonna, and Sosienna. A few of their offerings:

Top Row: Peaches and Cream Tunic, $75, www.sosienna.com; Curtain Call Dress, $59, www.alight.com.
Bottom Row: Agnes Skirt, $43, www.sizeappeal.com; Stretch Poplin Blouse, $68, www.kiyonna.com.

So what do you think? Does Pretty Girl represent for voluptuous vixens??
PS Dental Diva guessed that Lauren London’s dress…

…is a vintage Prada dress similar to the one Chloe Sevigny wore at the season premiere of ‘Big Love’…

Is she right? If so, Dental Diva, e-mail me at th************@gm***.com for your pearls!

10 thoughts on “Pretty Girl: Revealed”

  1. you look cute pretty girl! glad to see the curvy girls are rockin it this week!

  2. Okay, so I REALLY need to know where she got that amazing yellow and orange purse (in the photo with the jeans in the living room)! Gorgeous and just what I’ve been on the hunt for this summer. Please find out and fill a sista in…..:)

  3. Good job, and I liked the Alight.com dress selection, although my personal style tends toward the conservative/classic career stuff, which I have no trouble finding at places like Saks Salon Z.

  4. Pretty girl, beautiful! And thanks for the tips on places to shop and designers to look for. I like the Alight site, very cute summer stuff.

  5. Yes, pretty girl is definitely representing! I’m a thin chick, but my mom is a thick girl and I’m loving the websites/designers she threw out there. Now I have more options to buy stuff for my mom. Thanks…=)

  6. I have no idea what Lauren London is wearing, but the chick is absolutely gorgeous! Where can I buy those dimples?

  7. This is for Coco_Fierce, the bag is a Nine West bag and it’s actually light brown (suede) with red trimming.

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