Happy Friday, Bombers and Bombshells!
We have a new Exclusive Editorial, just in time for Labor Day. Behold Bronx Bombshell Dreamdoll, photographed by Island Boi and styled by Mickey Boom for Fashion Bomb Daily .

We sat down with the rapper to talk about her new EP, Life in Plastic, common misconceptions about her, and style.

The 26-year-old, born Tabatha Robinson, first splashed onto our screens via Bad Girls Club, followed by stints on Love and Hip Hop. Though she has been known to have a fiery temper, she says, “I feel like people judge me from IG or the snippets they see on TV when in real life I’m such a funny, cool and down to Earth girl.”

The constant scrutiny led her to log off from her Instagram account, with all of its 1.4 million followers. She confessed, “As a public figure your life is under a microscope. There’s the constant chatter, opinions, questions…so at times you just need a break. I’ve grown from it by developing thick skin. I no longer give a damn about what people say. “ She takes cues from her Girl Crush, Kylie Jenner. She explains, “She is a boss! She has her own brand makes her own money & she don’t care what anyone has to say about her!”

As far as fashion is concerned, she loves brands like Balenciaga and Vetements. She says, “I would say my style is versatile…I tend to dress according to my mood. My style is mainly fun, cute and girlie….I love to wear PINK!” For this shoot, stylist Mickey Boom said, “I chose to focus on luxury brands, with an international barometer of taste and sophistication, such as Sienna Li, Saku, WeAnnaBe, and Victoria Hayes. For the footwear, it was important to add Kendall Miles Designs to this editorial. Like Dream, Kendall Miles is a young African American business woman inspiring other young women to reach for the stars.”

In closing, be sure to pick up her EP, Life in Plastic 2. She says, “It was inspired by my personal journey. It’s basically me working on me…showing the growth through the music and talking about past relationships and becoming a better woman. I open up even more on this project and let everyone in on my story’s highs and lows!”

Artist: Dreamdoll
Photographer: Island Boi
Stylist: Mickey Boom
Creative Director: Claire Sulmers
Hair: Tamara’s Hair Salon
Makeup: Marisol Solis