Dolce & Gabbana has been recently enjoying a rush of positive PR thanks to their magical runway at their Fall 2016 show in addition to their recent line of hijabs. However, they’ve made a critical misstep with their new “Slave” sandals.

Dolce Gabbana Creates Slave Sandal2
The colorful pom pom sandals are a part of the Spring 20’16 collection  and are now available online for pre-order. The sandals are on their website under the full name of the “Slave Sandal in Napa Leather with Pom Poms” and priced at $2,395.

Dolce Gabbana Creates Slave Sandal
Interestingly, the sandals are also available on other retailers websites like Saks Fifth Avenue with the names “Pom Pom Wrap Around Sandal” and the “Pom-Pom Leather Lace-Up Sandal.”  It seems these retailers found it necessary to change the offensive name, unlike Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce Gabbana Creates Slave Sandal1
According to Footwear News, “While the term is, in fact, a description for a particular lace-up shoe silhouette, it is almost entirely obsolete with the now widely-preferred description “gladiator sandals.” 

The brand has yet to make a statement and so may are left wondering about this controversial decision when a less offensive term has been used for so long. What do you think of the brand using the term “slave”?

*Obviously D&G started feeling the heat, as the sandal is now named, “Decorative Sandal in Napa Leather with PomPoms” on the site.
dolce gabbana slave pom pom napa leather sandals
Thoughts on the revise?

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