So last night’s concert was *crazy*!
I captured some Real Style–here’s a taste:


And I was also able to catch up with my performers!
Black Thought of the Roots was cool enough to say ‘wassup’…
As was ?uest love:
I’m loving that t-shirt!
And the man of the hour, Kanye West showed some love:

Yeah, it’s good to know your homies stateside are still down for you abroad!
I took lots of video, stay tuned to the Fashion Bomb Facebook Page to give you a bit of backstage access!
*Shout to my homie Miles!
*Gold Jacket by Alexander McQueen!

11 thoughts on “Claire’s Life: Kanye West & The Roots”

  1. AAAHHHH!!! Jealous!!! I LOVE Kanye and the Roots!! Ah Black Thought, when will u be mine? :-) and Claire, I am loving your outfit! I see u serving it up in France! get it!

  2. Kanye and Black Thought is too much chocolate for a
    sister to handle. I’m so jealous Claire!!!

  3. Claire – cute look!

    Black Thought and ?uest Love are chillin’ fashion wise,

    but dang, Kanye! He always manages to kill it! I love when men understand that they can casual in something other than the white T/jeans combo.

  4. Claire……… I’m officially a hater, lol. Your jacket is marvelous! I’m lurking off to Alexander McQueen internet search to find jacket……..

    Stepping up my style game NOW

  5. Ho lala claire;
    Je devais y aller moi aussi mais j ai eu un imprevue!!! Snif snif…
    Elles sont belle tes photos.
    Peut etre a un de ces jours dans les rue de Paris!

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